5 Phrases Senior Living Activity Directors Never Say and 5 They Do

As Activity Directors at Senior Living Communities, our primary mission is to create vibrant and inclusive environments that foster engagement, happiness, and meaningful connections for our beloved residents. Every day, we strive to encourage laughter, shared experiences, and a sense of belonging. However, there are certain phrases we consciously avoid using, as they have the potential to hinder the warm atmosphere we aim to maintain. In this blog, we will share the five phrases we never say to ensure residents feel engaged and connected. Here are the 5 phrases we don’t say and the 5 we do:

1. “You’re too old for that.”

Instead, we say: “Age is just a number! What would you like to explore or learn today? We’re here to support your interests.”

Age should never limit one’s curiosity or enthusiasm for trying new things. Our residents possess a wealth of life experiences, and we believe in encouraging them to explore their interests, hobbies, and passions, no matter their age. By supporting their desires to learn, grow, and have fun, we create an environment that promotes lifelong learning and personal fulfillment.

2. “Let the younger ones handle it.”

Instead, we say: “Your experience and wisdom are invaluable. How would you like to contribute? Your ideas and help are always welcome.”

Inclusive communities thrive when everyone actively participates and contributes. Therefore, we avoid dismissing residents’ desire to help or be involved in various activities or events with the assumption that younger individuals should handle everything. By empowering residents to be active contributors, we create a sense of purpose and value, making them feel an integral part of the community.

3. “We’ve always done it this way.”

Instead, we say: “Let’s explore new possibilities and make our activities even more exciting. What innovative ideas do you have to share?”

Stagnation stifles growth and enthusiasm. We never rely on the phrase, “We’ve always done it this way.” Embracing change, trying new approaches, and staying open to innovative ideas keep our activities fresh, exciting, and relevant. This mindset also encourages residents to share their suggestions, knowing that their input is valued and respected.

4. “This event is not for you.”

Instead, we say: “We want everyone to participate and enjoy. How can we make this event accessible and enjoyable for you?”

Exclusivity has no place in our Senior Living Communities. Instead, we focus on creating inclusive events and activities that cater to a diverse range of interests and abilities. By avoiding phrases that suggest exclusion, we foster a sense of belonging and ensure that all residents have opportunities to participate in activities they genuinely enjoy, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities.

5. “You won’t be good at this.”

Instead, we say: “You have the determination and spirit to try. We believe in you and your abilities. Let’s give it a go together!”

Encouragement and support are vital components of creating an environment where residents feel engaged and connected. Therefore, we never discourage anyone from trying something new or pursuing a particular interest because of perceived limitations. Instead, we offer reassurance, adapt activities when necessary, and celebrate residents’ efforts, reinforcing the belief that every resident’s involvement matters and is appreciated.

What you don’t say is as important as what you do

As Activity Directors at Senior Living Communities, our goal is to cultivate environments where residents feel engaged, connected, and cherished. By being mindful of the phrases we use and avoiding those that may inadvertently discourage participation or hinder inclusivity, we foster thriving communities that celebrate the uniqueness and contributions of each individual. Through open-mindedness, support, and enthusiasm, we ensure that every resident can embrace their passions, form meaningful connections, and enjoy their time in our loving communities. Are you looking for ways to better nurture your residents? Chat with us today to learn more about how InTouchLink can support your community.

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