Assisted Senior Living Software Solutions

Communication is a right, not a privilege. At InTouchLink, we provide efficient and easy-to-use senior living software. With top-notch technology, our system aims to improve communication between senior living operators and residents, enhance general wellbeing in the senior care environment, and encourage independence in seniors housing. Built with operators, for operators, our simple communication platform is perfect for retirement communities, assisted living facilities, senior care homes, or even for independent seniors looking for an easy-to-understand technological system.

What makes InTouchLink REAL?

InTouchLink has proven that it is the MOST effective communication platform in senior living communities

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  • Senior living software to simplify family and resident communication

  • Fast, efficient, and easy-to-use senior housing software

  • Top-notch technology for assisted living

  • Improving communication between seniors and their families with assisted living software

Staff education

Our online staff education platform allows for the delivery of custom courses which can include community-specific videos, images, presentations, documents, and more to all staff members whenever they need it. Courses, certificates, and reports are available on a centralized system. Improve compliance and care delivery in your home with customized options while providing staff with standardized training.

Increase resident satisfaction

We value resident satisfaction, which is why our system allows residents and families to provide instant feedback via kiosks and online through ongoing surveys. Improve connection between your staff and clients in addition to a positive atmosphere and increased revenue.

Find your marketing advantage

InTouchLink provides the marketing advantage that guarantees a win-win situation. A custom login gives prospects and families access to events, menus, and everything else going on in the residence. Simplified technology, including easy-to-use email and access to the community TV Channels, allows residents to feel secure and in the know.

Communication made simple

Enjoy dedicated 24/7 building-wide TV channels that facilitate communication between residents and staff. Our system provides the latest on activities, menus, and photos paired with weather, news, and advertising options. Staff can keep residents in the loop with announcements and emergency assistance. You never have to worry about misplacing documents again.

Technology made simple

A simple, intuitive interface encourages seniors to easily use email, the internet, and Skype to communicate with family and increase their independence. Simplified technology ensures residents can stay connected through multiple devices and enjoy customized features. With InTouchLink, they never miss out on anything!


Save time and money by eliminating task duplication and printing costs. Our digital signage platform enables residents to have complete access to the latest updates. Service requests are created and tracked in a central dashboard for a simplified process and recurring activities are automated to manage routine work.

InTouchLink Applications

InTouchLink has a variety of practical applications. Some of these include:

  • Custom Community Channel. Completely customizable TV Signage Channel with an ability to choose content, layout, colours, background images and display the information that is most important to the community – wherever in the community it needs to be displayed.
  • In-Suite TV Channel. Broadcast all the community information to TVs in every resident’s suite.
  • Family Portal. Family members can log in from wherever they may be to find out everything going on in the community—what’s planned, what’s happened and what’s been photographed!
  • Service Requests. Within InTouchLink, users can fill out and direct service request like light bulb changes and guest stays to the right department.
  • Activity Calendar Management. Senior living activity directors or in fact anyone within the community can manage the daily, weekly or monthly activity calendars right from their smartphone or from any computer. Users can select from a wide variety of activity calendar templates and can easily design, generate and print their own calendars at a moment’s notice.
  • Managing Menus.InTouchLink offers a wide variety of printable menu templates, including weekly and monthly menus, daily specials, lunch and dinner menus, and more.
  • Communication Between Employees. Not only does the InTouchLink system improve communication between seniors, it allows staff to communicate more effectively on a communal platform and allows communities to run a more efficient operation.


InTouchLink is technology that creates a bond with your residents, families and staff. However, our roots are deeply embedded in seniors housing first and foremost; technology is simply a by-product of the evolution of communication.

We have a proven track record that speaks for itself. We have shown our commitment to each and every client by building customized solutions that make sense for your business. We understand what it takes to be successful and that starts with a commitment to your residents first!


The Benefits of InTouchLink

Superior Resident Engagement.
An easy-to-manage but powerful custom TV channel, family portal and resident platform provides a full solution for engagement with residents, families and staff. The ease of management and setup means everything can be up and running in days.

Senior Living Focused.
The InTouchLink platform has been built from the ground up to service retirement homes, assisted living facilities and long-term care/skilled nursing facilities. There are hundreds of features that are built specifically for senior care and the unique challenges and joys involved. Users can access the platform for content creation and management from community, corporate and regional levels.

A No-Fault System.
InTouchLink senior housing software is designed with top-quality engineering—with failsafe systems, load balancers, and robust support. The result is a powerful, no-fault system that can withstand multiple environments and users.

Simplifies the Web.
Technology is constantly evolving. For some individuals, especially seniors, keeping up with fast-paced technological trends can be taxing. InTouchLink’s simple yet effective design allows for seniors to easily navigate the web, and is equipped with features like extra large buttons, and simple commands for users with low visibility and little Online experience.

Allows for Independence.
With InTouchLink, seniors with access to a computer and the Internet have the freedom to surf, chat, and play on their own. In assisted living or senior housing situations, where individuals are constantly supervised, this freedom can be refreshing. Users can easily email family and friends, play videos and movies, and send customized greeting cards.

Keeps the Mind Sharp.
As they age, it’s important for seniors to keep their minds sharp. InTouchLink provides interactive features, like games, radio, and other entertainment options to help keep seniors on track.

A Platform for Training.

With a cloud-based staff education system, users can share documents, videos, policies, and important information with other employees. The InTouchLink platform also allows for employers to enforce standardized training, and provide employees with customized certificates once they’ve completed a course.

At InTouchLink, our goal is to give senior living operators a powerful tool that will help them address many of their resident engagement and experience needs, while improving their operations and marketing potential. To learn more about how you can benefit from our communication platform, get in touch with us today to book a demo!

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