Assisted Living Activity Calendar for Seniorse

Your Portal for Senior Living Activities

Easily manage you activity calendars in your senior living or assisted living facility. Automatically design your own calendars for daily, weekly or monthly printouts.

Super-easy design and print

Professional templates

Instant edits



Manage your activity calendars from any device and from anywhere – in or out of the community


Easy to Manage


All the data you’re already entering into the system for your TVs is automatically available in your calendar management platform


Flexible Templates


Create flexible templates for different styles of calendars or use the ones we provide. Templates allow each calendar to look completely different with one click

Save hours


Save 12-15 hours of work a month by using our automated activity calendar design and print functionality to generate a calendar in seconds


Multiple Options


Print daily, weekly or monthly calendars and segment each calendar by area and applicable activities.

“We really enjoy the monthly calendar features that help makes our program planning easier and less time consuming. InTouchLink’s customer service is always quick and very helpful to help us out of any binds we find ourselves in.”

“It is easy to update. It displays nicely and InTouchLink is so open to suggestions that we make and they make adjustments accordingly”

“I always hated doing the activity calendar, but it‟s so easy now. I only have to enter the recurring events one time and don’t need to worry about formatting the calendar. It’s so easy and intuitive to use, I keep thinking I’m missing something. This is so much easier than similar programs I have used in the past.”