Assisted Senior Living Menu

Management Software

Easily manage you menus in your senior living or assisted living facility. Automatically design your own menus for daily, weekly or monthly printouts.

Super-easy design and print

Professional templates

Instant edits



Manage your menus from any device and from anywhere – in or out of the community.

Multi-Week Menus


Enter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 week menus once and then have them automatically recur each week or customise your owen recurrence at the click of a button.

Quick-Select Options


Maintain a bank of food items that you use on a regular basis and quickly add them to menus as seperate courses or as individualised options.

Save hours


Save 5-10 hours of work a month by using our automated menu design and print functionality to generate multiple menus in seconds.


Multiple Print Options


Print daily, weekly or monthly menus and segment each menu by course or food type.

Corporate Access


Issue a corporate menu to all your communities and allow them to make local changes as neccesary. Access menus from any community in your portfolio to ensure nutritional variety and compliance.


Easy to Manage


All the data you’re already entering into the system for your TVs is automatically available in your menu management platform.

Seasonal Menu Options


Hibernate menus during seasonal periods to allow special menus to take over for set periods of time (e.g. December holiday menus, spring foods etc.).


Efficient & Professional


Each menu is printed quickly at the click of a button but appears professional and well designed with your community branding each time.

Kitchen Instructions


Add kitchen staff instructions directly to your menus so you can keep all your information in one place. Just tick a box to include the instructions on your printed menus so your staff stay informed.

“I was responsible for inputting our companies menus on a date rotation for all 4 locations. I found the system got easier as I got used to it and now use it daily with ease.”

“Ease of use- its easy to teach and maintain, and customer support is nearly always available by email and quick to assist”

“I always hated doing the activity calendar, but it‟s so easy now. I only have to enter the recurring events one time and don‟t need to worry about formatting the calendar. It‟s so easy and intuitive to use, I keep thinking I‟m missing something. This is so much easier than similar programs I have used in the past.”