30 May InTouchLink announces New Partnership with ESCO Technologies – Creators of Award-Winning CareConnect Platform

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At InTouchLink, we greatly believe in the importance of continuous improvement.

As the wise Paulo Coelho once said,

                “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too”

Our main purpose is to improve the lives of all those involved with our senior living community partners. And we were lucky enough to find a company equally as invested in their partners as we are – ESCO Technologies.

ESCO Technologies is the exclusive provider of the award-winning CareConnect platform, which includes a comprehensive range of unique communications and entertainment solutions specifically tailored for the senior living industry. These solutions include a senior-friendly TV service with an exclusive managed remote, high-speed internet, high-quality phone services, resident safety services and a technology concierge. For more information on the CareConnect platform, visit

We are proud to partner with ESCO, who will be providing the new CommunityEngage service as part of their leading platform of senior living services. The CommunityEngage platform will serve to promote engagement within communities, and improve the lives of residents, their family members, and staff. The platform will include the full range of InTouchLink features, including:

  • 24/7 Community Channel to keep residents, families and staff up-to-date
  • Resident and Family Member Portal accessible from any device with an internet connection
  • Automatic Calendar and Menu design and printing
  • Service Request Management and Ticketing System
  • Learning Centre to train staff members through an online platform

For more information on the CommunityEngage platform, navigate to:

For more information on the InTouchLink platform, visit

We are very excited for this opportunity to collaborate with another successful leader in the senior living industry and we look forward to the journey ahead together with ESCO Technologies.


07 Feb Why Do You Need Technology in Today’s Senior Living Environment?

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You work in a senior living community. Or maybe you run one. Your senior residents, (aka the centre of the establishment), grew up in a simpler time. They got a chance to speak to someone only if they gathered the energy to actually walk over to that person’s house, children played with real toys outside, not computers indoors, and “messages” were delivered through Morse code or pigeon (did I go too far back?). Whenever I rave about a new tech product I want to buy, my grandparents (and parents) ask me multiple times why I want it, and whether I really need it. A lot of seniors couldn’t care less about technology or all of its seemingly endless benefits to the majority of today’s society. Care is what they need, and good people, not good computers, are what they prefer. So why would you put technology at the forefront of your retirement community?

As someone who works in the senior living industry, I will forever recognize and understand that people are its most important resource. And that is why you need technology. Confused? Let me elaborate.

Technology has exponentially grown in the past 25 years throughout all industries as a response to problems that people want to solve.

I’ll give you an example.

Problem: Senior care worker at an assisted living community cannot tend to the residents because she is covering the front desk for the receptionist, who is busy making the rounds around the building to change paper copies of event posters, calendars, and menus for the week. Normally, this front desk superstar is also busy taking calls from residents and families and making notes on their requests, such as booking a table in the dining room for a family dinner, or fixing a clogged drain.

Solution: Assisted Living Community switches to a technology-based menu and activity system that relays information on large-screen TVs throughout the community and in resident suites. Front desk worker can now easily change information instantaneously without leaving her desk.

A family and resident portal add-on allows requests to be made online that go straight to the maintenance workers who take care of the requests and easily update the system.

End result: Front desk worker and senior care worker have more time to focus on the residents, instead of wasting time on tedious tasks.

Real end result: Residents are happier. Staff members are happier.

See what I mean?

A lot of the backlash of technology in the senior living industry stems from the misunderstanding that technology should not be the focus because the people are the focus. But the real purpose of introducing technology is for the people to be the focus. So much time is spent on multiple, tedious systems; learning them, maintaining them, updating them. Or spending too much time on out-dated, messy, paper-and-pencil methods.

If you’ve ever seen a senior resident look at a TV screen and smile because they see themselves in a photo on the screen, you’ll understand that this technology was made for them to be happy. To bring them closer to the community. To keep them engaged and aware, and avoid isolation. To make it easier for your staff and give them free time to focus on what’s really important – your residents.

If you agree, and you want to uplift your community – let us know. We’re here to help.


16 Nov 7 Ways to Spread Joy in your Assisted Living Community this Holiday Season

holiday cheer

1. Set up events so that your assisted living community can come together –employees, residents and family members alike

Amidst all the chaos and hustle and bustle, there is one real underlying goal of the holidays: bringing people together. Even if it’s small and simple, it’s always a great idea to hold events that allow staff members, residents, and their family members to mingle and have a jolly time! You can host a Christmas carol sing-along, or throw a scrap-booking event where everyone can compile a scrapbook with mementos and photos. Set up a field trip to a play or another performance that is holiday-themed, such as The Nutcracker – or better yet – conduct your own play with staff members and residents as the actors! For fun with a side of yummy, you can also host a cookie-baking and decorating party. Holiday Card parties are also a wonderful idea – where each person is assigned a task such as writing out addresses, stuffing envelopes or decorating cards. All of these events will bring everyone together and spread holiday cheer!

2. Ensure that family members and residents know about these events!

You can plan the greatest holiday party any assisted living community has ever seen, but if you can’t get the word out, then your efforts will be (at least partially) wasted. Make sure you utilize all of your resources! InTouchLink will allow you to post once and have the content spread across multiple channels of communication – including email messaging to family members, splashes on your InTouchLink TV screen, and online on the InTouchLink family access area. Our unique family member access area allows family members to easily log in and view activities, menus, newsletters, photos and more so that they can easily keep up with the community. Let us be your one-stop-shop this holiday season! You can also print a few paper copies of your own community activity calendar.

3. Use your Assisted Living Community Channel to spread holiday love in other ways

With your own custom TV channel,your opportunities for spreading holiday cheer are endless! You can post videos, such as famous holiday movie clips (Merry Christmas ya Filthy Animal!), a holiday music playlist , and more.  You can also post fun holiday facts as your “Thoughts of the Day”. For Special Event backgrounds, Google winter holiday background images  and you’ll find a ton of beautiful options. During your holiday events, be sure to take some pictures and then post them on your channel as a slideshow for everyone to enjoy!

4. Allow family members to easily communicate with the residents – and vice versa!

It can be difficult to keep in touch with our loved ones, and even more difficult when a family member stays in a retirement home away from the family. Ensure that your residents never feel isolated. InTouchLink has an easy-to-use email system for residents, with large buttons and even a read-back feature for those who are visually impaired. Family members can also send photos or even videos to a residents’ email. InTouchLink also has a greeting card feature for residents which allows them to easily send holiday cards to their loved ones. For residents with families further away, setting them up with a Skype account that is linked to their InTouchLink account will bridge the distance gap and bring joy to all.

ITL Christmas Offer

5. There’s no better way to spread holiday cheer than with holiday music!

What better way to get in the holiday groove than to listen to some cheerful holiday tunes. Luckily, you can easily connect your InTouchLink channel to a radio station that plays holiday songs around the clock! Contact us and we’ll set this up for you faster than Santa sliding down the chimney (it’s not his fault – it’s all the cookies).

6. It’s easy to run out of ideas for events or DIY decorations – check out online resources!

Luckily, InTouchLink has its very own dedicated pinterest board for the holiday season! And we post from other great sources that you can follow as well, so you never run out of great new ideas for the holidays. Whether its new holiday recipes or novelty DIY gifts or even party ideas – Pinterest is a wonderful resource. Here are some other online resources for you to check out for more inspiration!

Food Network: Quick and Easy Holiday Recipes

HGTV: DIY Holiday Decorations

Free Winter Holiday Background Images

7. Try out a few seasonal apps and games to spread some holiday laughs!

Right around the holidays, App Stores on smart phones will release all kinds of fun games and other nifty things like advent calendars to add some more joy to the holiday season! Here are just a few examples of apps as well as fun holiday websites:

Elf Yourself

Christmas Advent Calendar: GooglePlay or Itunes

Sing Along Christmas

Christmas Games Online!


And speaking of holiday laughs…

christmas comic

23 Sep 8 Key Reasons Why You Should Choose InTouchLink for your Senior Living Community

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There are a few digital signage companies in the retirement industry. So what makes InTouchLink any different? Well, for starters, we are not just a digital signage company. We are also a learning centre, a resident and family member access portal, a service request manager, a calendar and menu creator, and on top of it all, experts in customer service. With InTouchLink, you are not merely another addition to the bottom line, you are the reason why we exist, why we continue to improve our services daily, and why we love what we do. We want you to know exactly why we are different. So we’ve put together a list of reasons that will simplify the daunting task of choosing an all-in-one digital solution for your retirement community.

1. Pricing with your community in mind

We don’t want you to be buried in debt. We know that you need the money in your budget to improve the lives of your senior residents. We want to improve their lives too. That’s why our pricing structure, unlike some of our competitors, allows you to pay in affordable monthly increments with no initial setup fees other than the market cost of the hardware.

2. Top of the line customer service + a designated account manager

As an InTouchLink client, you receive the VIP treatment no matter if you are a full-scale corporation with hundreds of assisted living and long term care communities or just a small
individual retirement community. Your designated account manager will guide you through full on-boarding and offer continuous support for the full duration of your time with us (which we hope is forever!).

3. One-stop shop

Don’t be fooled by what you have seen other digital signage companies offer. Or even what other senior living digital signage companies offer.  We are much more than just a digital signage system. We offer an entire platform packed with useful tools and features to improve your assisted living community in multiple ways.

Here are some of the tools and features that we offer:

Having each of these tools at your fingerprints through one central system increases efficiency and saves you all of the money you would have spent on them separately, increasing your overall profitability (it’s just good business sense). View our full list of our features and how they can benefit your retirement community.

4. Family Member and Resident Portal

Most of our competitors do not provide families of senior residents to have access to their system. Families only see the activity calendar, menus, photos and other information when they arrive at the community and see them on the television screens, or when they go on the community’s website, where the information is uploaded separately (creating extra work for staff!). The InTouchLink platform allows family members and even prospective residents to access a Family Member and Resident Portal where they can view the weekly menu, photos, events and more. Family members can even download the retirement community newsletter. The information populates in the portal automatically when inputted into the InTouchLink system – so there’s no extra work for staff to maintain it!

5. User-Friendly Platform

Many platforms claim that their systems are user-friendly, but we’ve had retirement communities switch over to our system and sigh in relief at its genuine simplicity and ease-of-use (true story!). The most technologically-challenged users have quickly learned how to use our system, and immediately began to love it. Learn more about our assisted living digital platform here.

6. Changes are instantaneous

Unlike with some of our competitors, you don’t need to create your content and send it to someone else to upload and wait for it to start showing on your assisted living TV channel. You can create the content quickly and easily on our platform, and it will be up on your channel instantly. No more waiting!

7. Channels are completely customizable

When we say customizable, we mean it. You choose everything from your TV channel layout and background photos all the way down to the minute details like your font styles and colours. Choose the most creative person in your team and let them have fun with it! But don’t be overwhelmed in the least – customization is completely optional. The InTouchLink system is designed to work beautifully on its own from the moment it is turned on.

8. Enhance efficiency, communication, engagement and profitability!

Our system has been designed with you in mind. All of the helpful features and small details were created with feedback from our wonderful clients. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is to help you solve those stubborn problems, some as simple as a resident not knowing what time Bingo starts today, to the more complicated ones, like service requests slipping through the cracks or staff falling behind on their training courses. Reach out to us today and let us help you solve your problems, and increase engagement, communication, efficiency and profitability in your assisted living community.

Excited to read more? See our other blog posts on:

Simple Ways to Keep your Residents (and their families) Engaged

Top 9 Assisted Living Technologies You Need in your Senior Living Community



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National Assisted Living Week is Sunday, September 11 – Saturday, September 17, 2016. This year’s theme is “Keep Connected”! A perfect theme to highlight the importance of utilizing the latest technologies to keep senior citizens engaged and in tune with the world around them. Read on to learn more about how you can incorporate technology in simple ways throughout your community.

Numerous studies have concluded that the key to a prosperous assisted living community is a high level of engagement from the senior residents that are a part of it. This can be a difficult task to say the least. Not only do you try to come up with new and innovative ideas for activities and events, but you also need to ensure that your residents are informed and up-to-date on the latest community news. Ensuring that their families are in tune with the assisted living activities and news is a whole other ball game. At InTouchLink, we’re all about making your lives a little easier. This is why we have come up with 8 simple ways to keep your residents and their families engaged.

1. Easy-to-View Info on Large LTC TV Screens across the Community and in Resident Suites

Information needs to be easily accessible. You could have the best, most innovative assisted living activity program of any community, but if your residents are not aware of these activities due to poor communication tools, then nobody will be benefiting from the activities. Large screen LTC TVs mounted in high-traffic areas of your assisted living community as well as an in-suite channel are highly efficient, easily accessible modes of communicating all kinds of information and can be updated instantly across the board.

2. Calendars, Menus and More

A wide range of informative sources can be displayed and accessed technologically. Menus, Activity Calendars, Photos, Videos, Shift Schedules and more can all be inputted and viewed online through the resident portal or on screens throughout the community. The beauty of this is that residents can access this information from the comfort of their own suites, versus having to travel out to a certain area such as an activity board. The other advantage is that changes can be done in seconds and are seamless – versus changing paper copies which can be a hassle. So not only is it convenient for residents, but it’s convenient for the community! (Take a sneak peek at our Activity Calendar system here).

3. Photos and Videos Splashing Memories on LTC TV Screens

Who doesn’t love to see themselves on the big screen?! Residents, families and staff members alike love seeing pleasant memories splashed across large-screen LTC TVs in the community. It is a wonderful way to not only jog residents’ memory, but also to solidify a sense of community and keep everyone active and engaged – and looking forward to the next time they will be creating memories!

4. Popular/Funny Videos

Another really fun way to keep everyone engaged and having fun – posting videos! Videos can be posted directly from YouTube onto screens throughout the community and the options are endless! Post Just for Laughs Gags videos, funny animal videos, older movie clips (I’m lookin’ at you, Casablanca) and whatever else you think your residents might like to see! You could even have a radio channel playing from the screens so everyone can show off their best dance moves (check out this video from one of our partner communities for some dance move inspiration).

5. Super Easy Email System and Online Portal for Senior Residents

For residents who are more tech-savvy, or who would like to be more tech-savvy, it’s a great idea to provide them with some basic training on how to use a computer. An all-in-one resident portal that provides access to a super-simple retirement email system, community events, their own online calendar and even direct links to their favourite websites is a wonderful way to keep them engaged and updated on the world around them.

6. Family Member Access

Naturally, family members of residents want to know what’s going on at their relative’s retirement community. It’s worth investing in a retirement system that allows them to easily connect with the community where they can view photos, calendars, menus, monthly newsletters and more. (With no extra work for you!)

7. Live Message Updates to Families and Residents

In cases where you would like to have information quickly relayed to family members – a system that will display the message on TV screens in the retirement community whilst also sending the information to family members is a highly efficient method of keeping everyone informed at once!

8. Tablets

Tablets provide a user-friendly interface for all ages to use the internet and include access to other nifty applications such as Skype to communicate with family members, mind games to keep the brain sharp, and WebMD to track pill intake and more. The price of tablets has decreased dramatically over the years – you can even purchase a Kindle Fire from Amazon for about $50 and use it as a tablet!

Now that you’re equipped with all of this information to keep your senior residents more engaged through the benefits of technology – what are you waiting for? The easiest method to implementing all of these steps is to invest in a retirement solution that can do it all. Book your no-obligation demo with us today to see how we can make your retirement community a better place.


19 Aug Celebrate the Closing Ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics at your Retirement Community!

rio olympics logo

The 2016 Rio Olympics are coming to an end! Keep your community in the know for the final games and Closing Ceremony with a Twitter Feed from the Official Rio Olympics account.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your InTouchLink account at
  2. From the homepage, click on the Admin button on the left hand side
  3. Click the Content button
  4. Click on Custom Content
  5. Click the Add Custom Content button on the left hand side
  6. Input any title you wish – we suggest Rio Olympics 2016
  7. In the description section, input the following:

%%RAW%%<a class=”twitter-timeline” data-width=”896″ data-height=”572″ href=””>Tweets by Rio2016_en</a> <script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script> 

  1. Choose however long you would like the Feed to display on your channel (Sunday August 21st at midnight may be a good time).
  2. Click Update!
  3. Ensure that Custom Content is appearing in Frame 1 on your Channel in the Channels section under Admin. You should see Custom Content in the chart under the Configure Channel section. If not, click on Frame 1 in the layout drawing of your channel at the top of the Configure Channel page, and check off Custom Content! Click Update and you are good to go!

For any questions, concerns or comments, feel free to reach us at 1-877-784-6868 or

Happy Cheering!

Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony


03 Aug 9 Assisted Living Technologies You Need In Your Senior Living Community


1: Service Request and Ticketing System

A sink gets clogged. A window is broken. The LTC TV remote is not behaving. Life happens. That’s why you have a maintenance team on site. Or maybe you don’t. But naturally, someone needs to be notified and the issue needs to be resolved. So how do your residents let you know that there is a problem? Maybe they call or if they’re tech-savvy seniors, email, or physically walk up to a staff member to let them know. The issue is noted, or maybe forgotten. If it is noted, it may not be completed diligently, or followed up on, and no one is held accountable. Even if you have the greatest maintenance team in the world, service requests should be recorded and noted for records and reference in the future.

The solution? An easy-to-use, simple yet effective service request system that will organize your senior living community’s requests and create an element of accountability. After all, your residents are at the heart of your community, and you want to keep them happy and taken care of.

TIP: Make sure the system you choose allows residents, families and all your staff members to create requests that you can then track locally, regionally or on a corporate-wide basis.

2: Messaging

It’s a difficult task to relay important information to every resident in your assisted living community, especially on a moment’s notice. Let’s say there is an outbreak in your community. How do you get the word out to your residents? Mass emails? Word of mouth? Most conventional methods tend to be ineffective or time-consuming. One of the best assisted living technologies to get the word out is to have a digital messaging system that displays the information immediately across LTC TVs dispersed in your community or in the residents’ suites. Quick and easy!

TIP: Ensure the platform you use will allow you to have multiple different displays throughout your building so you can display information appropriate to each location.

3: Learning Management System

In order to comply with government standards, assisted living communities must have their staff trained on a variety of educational courses. Besides these courses, you also want to ensure that all of your staff members are knowledgeable about community policies and procedures and retirement activities and have a place where they can easily access these documents. Some assisted living communities still use paper and pen for these courses, but an investment in a digital learning portal is extremely valuable. It will keep you organized and ensure that all staff members are up-to-date on training.  You can also easily review or print reports whenever you’d like, or have them automatically sent to you.

TIP: Confirm that you can enrol staff by department, that you can set a training calendar for the whole year in advance and that you can manage reports from a department, administration or head office level.

4: Digital Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are great. They are colourful ports of information that can be referenced daily. However, in assisted living communities, they fall short of their goal to provide knowledge with their numerous drawbacks. Updating them is a hassle, especially for busy staff members. They can be hard to read and difficult to visit on a daily basis for senior residents with mobility issues. All in all, they tend to be unreliable and difficult to maintain, which defeats their very purpose. With digital bulletin board technology, changes to menus and retirement activities take seconds and are immediately displayed on LTC TVs all around the community and even in the residents’ suites, so that residents can stay informed at all times.

TIP: Find out whether your solution is just a glorified PowerPoint or if you can use the information in different, useful ways – like printing menus and calendars as well as showing them on the TVs. Don’t get stuck with repetitive, unnecessary work re-entering all your activity calendars and menus in Word, Publisher or any other software. 

5: Printable Activity Calendars and Menus

On the topic of senior living menus and activity calendars, whether you use a traditional bulletin board or a digital bulletin board, it is helpful to have a printable monthly version that you can hand out, post on your website or send to family members of residents. You can spend hours or days working on perfecting this document in Word or another program, or you can save time and avoid the stress by working with an activity calendar system that automatically creates a monthly spread of your retirement activities that is fully customizable. You’ll wonder why you ever did it any other way.

TIP: Make sure you can print daily, weekly and monthly calendars and menus from one interface and not have to enter different data each time.

6: Resident and Family Portal

Sometimes it’s hard enough getting the word out to your assisted living community residents. Keeping their families involved in community activities is a whole other ball game. You could of course send out mass emails with information, or upload a calendar to your website. But these types of activities take up a significant amount of time, and are difficult to update at a moment’s notice. What if you had a resident and family member portal that could be easily accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and no additional work would be necessary to update it? What if it could also send mass emails to your family members? Welcome to the future of assisted living technology.

TIP: Give family members the ability to sign themselves up for the service. Don’t rely on your staff members to do it for them.

7: Advertising

Ever wish your community could earn a little extra money? Rhetorical question, obviously. Of course you do! Advertising trusted, local goods and services in your community can not only assist your residents in making sound choices, but can work to ring in a little extra cash. Digital advertising is a wonderful avenue for this and takes seconds to implement.

TIP: Seniors don’t like advertising in their ‘home’. Any sponsored messaging must be informational in nature and not ‘sell, sell, sell’ driven.

8: Photos and Videos

Celebrating achievements and jogging memories through pictures and videos is a delightful way of keeping your residents active and involved in your community. But printing photos is virtually a thing of the past, not to mention time-consuming and wasteful. With today’s technology, the easiest way to display photos is to display them digitally, where they can be seen on the big screen in all their glory.

TIP: Use timing features when uploading your photos to begin with so the media is always up to date and never looks old and out-of-date.

9: Music

Music can bring a sense of joy and relaxation to a community. It can also promote dancing! (Check out our video of residents dancing away at one of our partner communities. You might learn a move or two!)  Play music from a radio station of your choice all day or only play it during certain times. It’s all up to you!

TIP: Try to find a Golden Oldies station or something to play that brings back memories of your residents’ youth.

So how many of these nine digital technologies do you see being of benefit to your community? If you want them all – I’ve got some bad news, and some good news. The bad news is, if you tried to find and purchase all of these digital solutions separately – it would not only be time-consuming, but it would be expensive. E-Learning Portals, maintenance management solutions, digital signage, website maintenance, software tools to create calendars – these are all wonderful additions to any assisted living community. However, they’re not integrated and each digital solution is a separate cost, both monetary and time-wise. Staff members need to be trained, and they need to put in a lot of work and effort to maintain each system.

Now for the good news. What if I told you that there is a digital solution out there that does all of these things for one low cost, training and support included? InTouchLink is a one-stop solution that has been built on years of client feedback and observations of the retirement industry. We know our clients and their needs, and we’ve created an all-encompassing product as the solution. No need to search any longer– visit our website to book a free demo today. You won’t regret it.

We also offer free technology assessments for your senior living community. Book a senior living technology assessment today and one of our senior living specialists will contact you within 2 hours to set up a customized session with you.


Digital signage is more than just another TV in your senior living community. It can engage your residents, motivate them to participate in activities, inform them of important events and make them laugh! Wondering how? Here are our top 10 ways of most effectively using digital signage to improve YOUR assisted living facility.

  1. Post Photos and Videos of Events at your Community

Have you recently held a fun activity at your retirement community? We’re sure you have! If you took any photos or videos, be sure to post them on your community TV and residence portal. It only takes a few minutes, but residents will greatly enjoy seeing themselves and their companions on a TV screen. We receive wonderful feedback on this feature quite often – take advantage!

  1. Need to Relay Important Info Quickly? Draft a Message in Seconds!

Maybe your retirement home or long term care facility just had an outbreak on floor 2. Or mail has been delivered and is ready for pickup. Or maybe someone came in with a large box of cookies. Whatever the case may be, you want to let everyone know as soon as possible. (Well, maybe not for the box of cookies). All you have to do is add a message to your TV channel in a few seconds – and it’ll be up automatically! Did we mention you can access the InTouchLink system from ANY device as long as you have an internet connection? You can’t go wrong!

  1. Customize Your Channel with your Logo and Brand Colours

The beauty of your InTouchLink TV is that it’s your TV, your channel. Change the clock to your brand colour, post your logo at the top, change the font, and change the layout. The possibilities are endless, and better yet – they’re easy. You can also use your TV as an assisted living marketing tool for your community – welcoming all prospects and showing them everything that is amazing about your community.

  1. Post Special Events Coming Up that your Residents can look forward to

One of the beauties of life is being able to look forward to something. If you have a special event coming up (Father’s Day BBQ, anyone?), make sure to let your residents know by posting it on your InTouchLink TV channel. You can even customize it with your own background image and any information that you would like to add!

  1. Post some Humour and other fun things!

How boring life would be without having the occasional laugh! Try posting a humorous quote or even a funny video to your assisted living TV channel! We suggest searching for Just for Laughs Gags videos or America’s Funniest Home Videos on YouTube. A wonderful feature of the InTouchLink system is that it’s super easy to post a video. Just search for something you like on YouTube, then link it back to your channel (it only takes 30 seconds!).

You can also post monthly or weekly fun facts. For example, the origins of the name of the Month (did you know the name May might have originated from the Greek Maia, meaning goddess of spring?). Other ideas include the birthstone of the month, or famous celebrity birthdays or events that occurred in history in that week or month.

  1. Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate!

Never miss a chance to celebrate! Celebrate anniversaries, birthdays or any other special occasions by posting a short description and photo. Why not spread the joy ?!

  1. Weather Forecast

Ensure that your residents are always prepared for the weather (even if you live in Canada where there is no preparing for the weather, ever). Just like everything else we do – we make this easy peezy lemon squeezy. You can configure an automatic weather forecast to appear on the TV and choose from a variety of options such as a several day forecast or just a daily forecast. You only need to do it once and then you’re set! In fact, we add it in to your base channel when you first start up! (But you can always change the format).

  1. Local Events

There’s always something going on in the local community. Why not encourage everyone to get involved? Community-wide events build a sense of home and happiness. And festivals and fairs are fun for the whole family – more opportunities for grandparents to spend time with their grandkids! You can post a photo and a description on your channel in minutes and allow everyone to join in on the fun.

  1. Shift Schedule

Keep your residents informed by posting a shift schedule of nurses or other staff on duty for the day. They will appreciate knowing who is in their home and when, especially in cases where they may have a question or comment for a particular person.

  1. RSS Feeds

Just another great way to ensure that all your residents stay in the know! You can link a multitude of RSS feeds to your channel that will produce highlights from the latest sports or local and international news. Similar to the weather forecast, you need only do this once and your channel will do the rest! Isn’t technology great?

Digital Signage is not the end of what you can do for your residents; it’s just the beginning! Have your residents and your families login to a dedicated resident portal to keep up to date with everything going on even when they’re not in the building!

Freshly joined or seasoned veteran – we are always here for our clients. Need some extra training? Can’t figure something out? Want to learn about new features? Give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to help – no ifs, ands or fees about it.

Don’t have digital signage yet? The technology of the future is waiting for you. Stay one step (or ten) ahead of the competition with the right tools to increase engagement and efficiency in your community. We’re happy to offer a free demo to show you more about how the system works. Head to to book a free no-obligation demo today!

17 May Activity Calendar for Seniors Citizens

Do your activities staff spend more time than they should preparing their daily or monthly event or activity calendars?

Are you looking for a way to increase efficiencies in your assisted living facility?

Do you want a fresh, modern and efficient way to display all your activities, special events, photos and other relevant information to your residents?

Join Ceren, one of our leading Training and Support Coordinators as she gives a quick demonstration of some of the ways you can use InTouchLink to quickly design and print calendars in seconds! You can print a monthly Activity Calendar to give out to all your residents, and you can also print a daily activity calendar to post around your building.

Of course, you can also use your own custom TV channel for your community to display menus, activities, photos, birthdays, anniversaries, thoughts of the day, weather, news etc.

09 May Common Flaws to Avoid in Senior Housing Design

Throughout our extensive experience providing custom TV channels to senior living communities such as assisted living facilities, retirement homes etc., we have noticed that an often overlooked design flaw is the poor coordination of the outlets and wiring associated with TV units. Wall-mounted TVs are becoming increasingly popular as they free up valuable space. There are however a few important notes to consider when utilizing this type technology in your senior residence, community or assisted living facility.

The location of the TV, and accordingly the wires and outlets, are of utmost importance. When we see wires running up and down the wall, it is not only unsightly but also poses a hazard in senior communities. With an assisted living TV for example, residents may fiddle with the wires and risk electric shock. To avoid this issue, you may choose to use a simple cable cover or have the wires run through the wall with an in-wall cover and power kit.

Other issues that we come across are when a TV protrudes too far out from the wall or is too high up and out of reach. To prevent these issues, you can use a recessed wall plug to ensure that the TV is mounted close to the wall or alternatively, the TV can be placed inside a built-in piece of furniture or over a table or dresser.

After all, we want to ensure that everyone in our senior living communities and assisted living facilities are safe, healthy and happy!



Hiding Wiring on a Wall Mounted TV

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