13 Jul New York shows it’s the little things that count

Demographers have been saying it for years: The silver tsunami is going to hit.

In addition to social programming, healthcare and accessible housing, major cities out of the States are now focusing on making their communities more age-friendly. Atlanta, Philadelphia and Portland have all launched research and initiatives. Never one to be left behind, one of New York's ideas is also the simplest. In East Brooklyn, a row of shops now place folding chairs outside their stores for anyone who may need a quick rest.

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12 Jul Retirement: Making the jump

Some have spent their lives dreaming of the "Freedom 55" club. The chance to travel, spend more time with the grandkids and explore hobbies and passions. Others may have a harder time transitioning from a full-time working life to one of relaxation and open possibilities. When you spend so many years focused on growing your career, how do you let go?

Bill Roiter as written a great article exploring this topic and the common feelings and challenges associated with this time. For those who can't tear themselves away from the desk (or the blackberry) Roiter provides some thoughtful strategies to help you have the best of both worlds.

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11 Jul Online dating sites see spike in users age 55+

The silver wave that’s sweeping the digital world is showing no signs of letting up. Dating sites – from to Plenty of Fish and – are all reporting increased enrollment in users age 55+. A recent article in USA Today tells the story of Lynn Eckert and Richard Stelter, newlyweds who met on the dating site Apparently their success isn’t so unusual: Research out of Iowa State University has found that older adults who head online in their quest for love tend to have high success rates and shorter courtships to boot. With InTouchLink, getting online is easier than ever. It could just be the first step to finding Mr. or Mrs. Right!

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08 Jul What’s old is new again

Did you have a favourite pastime in your younger days that gradually slipped away with time and the demands of adulthood? With the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, ballet instructor Barbara Owen (now 75) began offering ballet classes 17 years ago to what she terms as “middle adults”. Since 1995 Owen's classes have attracted students ranging from ages 45-60+, offering a fun, challenging experience that is great for building physical strength and social connections. Since that first class, Owen has helped countless adults re-kindle their passion for ballet.

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07 Jul There’s room to spare

A new study published by the Canadian Mortgage Housing shows that in the last year, the availability of senior’s rental housing has been on an upswing. There’s more good news for anyone considering moving in: In an ongoing trend, homes have been increasing the number of services offered to residents. Services range from healthcare (on-site nurse service, on-site pharmacies) to recreation (movie theatres and swimming pools). And of course don't forget that more and more communities are offering easy-to-use internet and email services together with enhanced communication courtesy of InTouchLink.

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06 Jul Stay fit to stay young

We’ve all heard the connection between physical and mental fitness. St. Louis-based personal trainer Bret Stanwich is helping to make that goal even easier for local seniors. With a focus on functional fitness, Stanwich provides in-home personal training  featuring exercises designed to be both preventative, and to make day-to-day tasks a little easier. Click here to read more about Bret and some reviews from his happy clients.

05 Jul Seniors: The fastest growing demographic on Facebook

In the last year, social media has really started catching on among the 50+ crowd.

According to this article from the Pittsburgh Tribune, seniors make up the quickest growing demographic on the social media giant Facebook. The PEW Research Center backs up these findings: their research indicates that the number of senior’s enjoying some social networking time has jumped from 22 to 42 per cent since last year.

Keeping up with the grandkids has now gone digital.

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04 Jul Security tips for silver surfers

These days more and more seniors are going online — emailing friends, reading digital editions of their favourite papers, even doing a bit of online shopping. With all the fun and conveniences that are to be found, a little caution should still come into play. Jason Alderman of the Huffington Post has posted a great article outlining a few steps silver surfers can take to avoid online scams and fraudsters.

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25 Feb Laurie Orlov, Aging In Place Technology Watch

Let’s get real. We know that the Internet can provide seniors with health information, access to groups coping with like chronic diseases, daily news, how-to instruction, ability to find products and services, address lookups, phone numbers, quick language translations, online games, elder blogs, movies, and humour, storytelling , even directions to the senior centers. And that’s just for starters.