Better to be Safer than Sorry

It is a great achievement and a source of empowerment when older adults embrace computer technology and take advantage of the interactive benefits it can provide. With one quick click, grandparents can connect to far-away grandchildren and other loved ones. As wonderfully convenient the online experience can be for seniors, internet security is important to address and consider.

As easy and quick it may be to communicate, shop or research online, the opportunities to unwittingly expose oneself to identity theft and fraud can be just as swift and costly. With internet usage on the rise, especially among the middle and older age populations, online crime numbers are growing exponentially in correlation (According to the United States Federal Trade Commission, identity theft numbers are the highest!). Though cyber crimes affect all age ranges, the most affected tend to be the ones most new and the least educated about the perils of online activity: the elderly. Criminals have become so sophisticated in their ploys from shifting their operations from classic phone scams to targeting their elder victims online, using their victims’ naïveté of the technology against themselves.

Phishers, scammers, stalkers, malicious spyware & adware – it is imperative seniors learn about these dangers and how to protect themselves from them. There are many anti-spyware/internet security software programs on the market, depending on price point, operating system, etc. Simply ask a knowledgeable store staff member, or even a family member/friend. Also, check in your community as there are usually workshops or community classes that offer instruction to senior surfers.

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