04 Jul Security tips for silver surfers

These days more and more seniors are going online — emailing friends, reading digital editions of their favourite papers, even doing a bit of online shopping. With all the fun and conveniences that are to be found, a little caution should still come into play. Jason Alderman of the Huffington Post has posted a great article outlining a few steps silver surfers can take to avoid online scams and fraudsters.

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25 Feb Laurie Orlov, Aging In Place Technology Watch

Let’s get real. We know that the Internet can provide seniors with health information, access to groups coping with like chronic diseases, daily news, how-to instruction, ability to find products and services, address lookups, phone numbers, quick language translations, online games, elder blogs, movies, and humour, storytelling , even directions to the senior centers. And that’s just for starters.

14 May Dr Elenor Feldman Barbera, New York Times

Helping seniors stay in touch with family members is a key ingredient in reducing depression and anything that fosters connections is a boon. I find this is particularly important in my work as a psychologist in nursing homes, because the residents are so isolated from the outside world.