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Options designed to ensure successful communication between residents, families and staff.

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Latest updates:

Emotions are running high at nursing homes and assisted living communities as staff are isolating residents in an effort to protect them from the Coronavirus. The nature of those residents being in close proximity to each other makes community transmission an almost certainty. Many residents’ advanced age and underlying medical conditions create a recipe for disaster when mixed with outbreak scenarios.

 COVID-19 cases have increased across the country, industry officials have been recommending that assisted living facilities, where older people live in close quarters, should not allow outsiders — including contractors, government officials and even staff members — to enter unless their task is considered essential.

Due to the escalation of the virus, the federal government has now officially told family and friends to stay away from senior living communities as some people can have a COVID-19 infection and be asymptomatic. The risk of unwittingly creating an outbreak situation remains too great for communities and governments to ignore these grim warnings.

In light of the risk to those most vulnerable, our number one priority at InTouchLink is helping to protect senior residents and community staff from COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. We’ve moved swiftly to provide guidance to communities wanting to safeguard themselves in 14 steps to avoid COVID-19 in senior living communities.

We’ve also provided WHO COVID-19 online staff training for FREE for communities in need. Register here: COVID-19 Training

As the government has told communities to cancel all group activities and communal dining, residents are cut off from loved ones and vice versa. Families can provide vital monitoring and often essential emotional and mental support.

Luckily, restricting visits doesn’t mean curtailing communication between residents, family, friends and staff. We have your back.

These are the goals:

  1. Limit potential hysteria
  2. Keep people calm to support better mental health
  3. Provide a supportive and safe community environment
  4. Improve AD HOC emergency broadcasts
  5. Offset feelings of isolation during the most critical times
  6. Keep everyone safe

At the very least, wish you, your loved ones and those under your care the utmost safety and wellness during these challenging times.

The InTouchLink Team


Covid-19 isolation and education solution

Community News Channel

Keep residents up to date and in the loop with announcements, photos, uplifting, exercise and hygiene videos, news, weather and important safety messages. Entertain and communicate.

Family Portal

A family’s window into your community. They can connect directly with your community from any device and from anywhere in the world. Share prevention plans, safety updates and provide a link between families and residents.

Community + Family Message Broadcast

One place to send instant alerts or pre-scheduled updates to residents, families and staff. Send emergency alerts for outbreaks. Keep families in the loop via email and SMS text.

In-Suite News Channel

Keeps the information flowing into resident rooms and drives inclusiveness. Menus, calendars, weather and news, exercise videos, live or pre-recorded video announcements, remote entertainers and more. Provide proactive safety updates in real-time.

Web Community Channel

Family engagement in real-time on your community website. Help families feel connected with your community, showcase photos of residents and dispel concerns.

InTouch Live Video

Community-wide event video streaming. Whether it’s a musical act, religious service or any other activity, all residents can participate from the safety of their room. Reduce the feeling of isolation and support inclusiveness.

LMS - Online Education Center

Robust and easy-to-use online learning platform promotes efficient staff training and adherence to all rules and regulations. Monitor compliance and ensure staff is up to date with current safeguarding methods.
We have options available for all communities. For a limited time,we are offering low and no-cost services to support the industry and while bandwidth remains for our team.
Fill out your info below and let’s get your community set up ASAP. Due to heavy demand, we may be delayed in getting back to you, so thank you in advance for your patience. Stay safe.
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