Dreams Do Come True!

Ever wanted to ride a float in a parade, float high in the sky in a hot air balloon, or spend a portion of your summer holiday in an 18 wheeler? For seniors who find themselves harbouring secret (and not so secret) dreams, charitable organizations like the Twilight Foundation can offer those elder dreamers opportunities to make their wishes a reality.

Funded with the generous donations from community individuals and businesses, these organizations dedicate their resources solely to coordinate and manifest the logistics behind realising wish requests. Unlike sick children charities, the elderly applicants need not have to be ill to apply. For some applicants merely having someone help with everyday chores and tasks, rides to health appointments or receiving a new set of dentures is enough to make a tremendous positive impact on their lives. According to former NFL player and founder of Wish of a Lifetime Jeremy Bloom, the premise behind these mandates is to serve the senior citizen community and give back to those who have played contributive roles in society.

 Another way family and friends can show appreciation for the elders in their lives is the gift of communication and entertainment. With the InTouchLink software users can reach out to and be up-to-date with the world and community around them. InTouchLink can also be an effective tool in senior engagement through easy-to-use options such as email, web browsing and webcam. Other exciting options (personal calendar, photo album) allow active seniors to maintain and organize their social events and commitments.

It is never too late to dream and live your dreams. Let InTouchLink help you and/or elderly loved ones find happiness and fulfillment, and sign up today for a free trial!