Family engagement

Build genuine relationships with your residents’ families

Having a family engagement strategy is paramount to success in senior living communities. The relationship-centered approach to care connects all participants in each resident’s life, with a strong emphasis on family relationships. Moving into a community – whether independent living, assisted living or skilled nursing – is a significant change in a resident’s and their family members’ lives.

To support the transition and bolster family engagement at your community, consider how you can use technology to help create stronger connections from the get-go. InTouchLink is designed to support you and your families.

The InTouchLink Family Engagement Solution supports meaningful and ongoing engagement between your residents, families and staff.

★ Web Community Channel – family stays up to date and in the loop with announcements, photos, menus, news, and more

★ Web Community Calendar – instant, live online access to activity and event schedules

★ Family & Resident Portal – easy access to community info and service requests

★ Service Request Manager + RSVP – maintenance requests and reservations

★ Community Message Broadcast + Mobile Notifications – easily communicate with family regarding events and announcements through email and mobile notifications

★ Activity Tracker + Family Notifications – encourage and support resident health and happiness by ensuring they are active and engaged in the community. Push this info to interested family members



Web Community Channel. Focus on family engagement in real-time on your community website.

Transparency and communication is the best way to support family engagement.

 Community events, activity calendars and menus help the family feel connected with their loved ones

 Photo galleries showcase the vibrancy of activities and events within your community

 Market your community and promote brand awareness to prospective families

 Increase move-ins and grow your web search rankings

Family & Resident Portal. A family’s window into your community.

Families can sign themselves up for an account using unique codes – they can connect directly with your community.

All the data you’re already entering into the system for your TVs is automatically added to the family portal

Can be accessed by all family members from any device from anywhere in the world.

Families can send requests directly to departments within your community if they have maintenance, dietary, administrative or other requests

Service Request Manager + RSVP. Family requests and reservations in one place.

At their convenience, family members can communicate directly with your community.

Families log in to the ticketing system to initiate any requests they may have including reserving a space for dinner or a seat on a trip with their loved ones

They can then log in at any time, from anywhere to monitor the request and make sure their senior loved one is taken care of

Senior living staff can collect all requests in one central system. They can log phone calls, in-person or written requests from families, residents or other staff. All requests are then tracked and collected centrally

Community Message Broadcast + Notifications. Keep families in the loop via email, SMS or app.

One place to send instant alerts or pre-scheduled updates to residents, families and staff.

Let residents and families know when events have been scheduled or postponed

Send emergency alerts for infectious outbreaks or weather warnings

Email, text, mobile and TV Channel broadcasts ensure everyone knows what’s going on at all times

Activity Tracker + Family Notifications. An active family is a happy family.

Family can easily check-in on loved ones and get automatic community engagement notifications.

Encourage family confidence in your community’s care of their loved one

Generate reports by specific activities, categories or by resident

Promote inclusiveness and ensure residents are getting the proper mix of mental and physical stimulation

 The InTouchLink Family Engagement solution supports meaningful and ongoing engagement between your residents, families and staff.

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