InTouchLink Partners with PointClickCare

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InTouchLink is proud to announce that we’ve partnered with PointClickCare to provide a holistic, interconnected approach to senior living care and information management.

With seamless connectivity between the two systems, the partnership provides long-term care (LTC) residences and senior living communities with a faster, more efficient way to create new resident profiles and populate resident profile information in the Directory with the click of a button, easily and efficiently.

The PointClickCare system is known for its integrated functionality, and now with InTouchLink, resident profiles are kept up to date automatically. With automated auditing capabilities, the InTouchLink system will routinely check for updates made to the PointClickCare database so LTC and Senior Living Community staff only need to update one system if a new resident enters, if there are updates to an existing resident profile, or if a resident leaves their facility.

With information flowing seamlessly between the two systems, staff can focus more on the many features that become available with the Directory, such as activity and meal attendance tracking, intake forms and onboarding surveys, analytics on residents’ interests, and the ability to tag residents in photos that the families can view once connected to their profile (just to name a few!).

The significance and value of this partnership cannot be understated. We understand the need for efficient, accurate information management, and the desire to make jobs for staff at LTC and senior living facilities easier. This is one of the many ways we’re fulfilling our commitment to do just that.

InTouchLink has been adding value and making the lives of seniors better – while also making the jobs of those working in senior living facilities more efficient – for over a decade. With this new partnership, which was finalized in early March of 2022, we’ve already begun to integrate PointClickCare into the InTouchLink system and brought streamlined information communication technology to seniors and their communities.

About PointClickCare

One of the leading EMR technology companies in the healthcare industry, PointClickCare offers rich post-acute data to an expansive range of senior care teams and facilities. Offering real-time insights and data into a patient’s healthcare journey, PointClickCare improves the quality of transition of care, clinical outcomes, the financial health of organizations, and fosters innovation in healthcare. Learn more on the PointClickCare website.

About InTouchLink

More than a strong emerging tech company, InTouchLink is rooted in the belief that we all thrive where there is connection. With our award-winning system, long-term care facilities and senior living communities provide a better quality of life by connecting seniors to each other, to the staff that care for them, and to their families outside of the facility and community. Boasting a robust system that offers activity schedules and sign up, menu planning, community and in-room TV channels, and a resident and family community portal, InTouchLink doesn’t just make the lives of residents better – it makes the lives of facility and community staff better too. With an intuitive user interface and enterprise management capabilities, InTouchLink makes it easy for staff and caretakers to learn the system and use it to make their daily tasks more efficient. Learn more on the InTouchLink website.