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What makes InTouchLink REAL?

InTouchLink has proven that it is the MOST effective communication platform in senior living communities

Turn Communication into a positive experience!

88% of the respondents in a recent survey of residents (and families) living in a senior living community, communication was rated as a “significant concern”. The InTouchLink technology based solution has proven to be an effective tool to solve this critical dilemma and make a difference in connecting communities with their residents and families.

Residents are your priority!

With the introduction of InTouchLink, communication has improved an average of 62% in our communities – proving that technology can be used as an effective tool to enhance your brand value. InTouchLink is the only all-encompassing technology solution that solves this difficult senior-living problem so smoothly and effectively! Make residents and their families your priority!

Staff will sing your praise!

No other platform delivers as many options as InTouchLink. With 47% of communities surveyed showing a significant reduction in time spent managing daily resident requests, the evidence proves that the on-going issue of technology in seniors housing can be solved. With simple to use tools that save staff time, a support system that is responsive and the ability to customize communication, InTouchLink will quickly become your community’s best friend.


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InTouchLink is technology that creates a bond with your residents, families and staff. However, our roots are deeply embedded in seniors housing first and foremost; technology is simply a by-product of the evolution of communication.

We have a proven track record that speaks for itself. We have shown our commitment to each and every client by building customized solutions that make sense for your business. We understand what it takes to be successful and that starts with a commitment to your residents first!