Lean On Me: The Role of Family in Elder Care

Canadian home care service provider We Care Home Health Services recently conducted a study to ascertain how prepared Canadians are financially and emotionally in caring for their elderly loved ones in the face of the increasingly aging population. With numbers estimated to grow twofold within the next 23 years, elder health care will be a considerable concern for the younger familial caregivers.

Family members who find themselves in the caregiving role operate very much as an “invisible health care system”, according to Nurse and Director of Health and Wellness, Sue Kelly. In the same study, approximately one third of family caregivers who had participated had expressed feeling overwhelmed emotionally and financially in their role. While trying to manage tasks such as shuttling a loved one to appointments or handling the special needs of a chronically ill senior citizen, most caregivers struggle to meet their role’s needs while working full-time and trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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