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Foster a greater sense of connection, and an enhanced resident experience with the #1 Hospitality Solution for Senior Living.

Vibrant Resident, Family, and Staff Experiences

Encourage engagement, deeper community connections, and overall improved health and wellness among your population with management software created specifically for senior living communities.

Activity Calendar

Simple to use. Customizable. Easy to manage. Always up to date and on display. Our Activity Calendars come with beautiful templates that are customizable and will save your staff hours of activity management.

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Activity Tracker

Offer your residents engaging activities that they love. Our Activity Tracker helps you monitor resident activities, providing you with insights into what’s popular among residents and what’s not. We’ll help take the guess work out of activity management.

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Online Community Portal

Residents and their families can easily connect directly with their community from any device. Community information, service requests,transportation and amenity bookings, event reservations, real-time updates, and centralized communication management for all!

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Community TV

Keep residents in the know about what’s going on in their community. Efficiently broadcast events, announcements, photos, videos, menus, news, weather, and more with the click of a button.

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aTouchAway Video Calling

Safe, secure, and connected. Residents, caregivers, community staff, and anyone else in the circle of care can connect via our secure, private health information platform that offers video conferencing, messaging, and group chats.

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Community Message Broadcasting

Provide senior community residents with the information they need, instantly. Our cloud-based Community Message Broadcasting system allows staff to send messages to residents, staff, and family members on multiple devices.

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Menu Management

Easily manage menus, ensure consistency across multiple locations, and save time spent on design and printing. Our Menu Management feature helps you easily create and edit beautiful menus efficiently.

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Meal Tracker

Support resident nourishment with our robust Meal Tracker. Effortlessly track resident meal attendance with our Nutrition Analytics to ensure your residents are getting the nutrients they need for optimal wellness.

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