Transforming Senior Living Communities with a Resident-Based Brand Ambassador Program

A resident ambassador conducting a tour for prospective tenants

In today’s competitive landscape, senior living communities must find innovative ways to stand out. A Resident-Based Brand Ambassador Program represents a transformative strategy that not only showcases the community’s vibrancy and warmth but also fosters a deeper connection among all stakeholders. This collaborative approach leverages the unique perspectives of existing residents, the professional acumen of Business Development Representatives (BDRs), and the overarching goals of operators to create a welcoming and appealing environment for prospective families. Here are the multifaceted benefits of such a program:


Benefits for Resident Ambassadors
  • Enhanced Sense of Purpose: Being an ambassador allows residents to feel more connected and integral to their community. This role can boost self-esteem and provide a sense of purpose, contributing to overall mental well-being.
  • Increased Social Interaction: Ambassadors will interact with new people regularly, which can help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • Skill Development: Residents can develop new skills, such as public speaking and leadership, enhancing their daily lives and fostering personal growth.
Benefits for Prospective Residents and Their Families
  • Authentic Experiences: Prospective residents and families often appreciate hearing directly from current residents about their genuine experiences, giving them a clearer and more personal view of the community.
  • Trust Building: Interaction with resident ambassadors helps build trust through transparency and personal connection, frequently leading to more confident decision-making.
  • Customized Introductions: Ambassadors can tailor their introductions to the specific interests and needs of prospective residents, making visits more relevant and engaging.
Benefits for Community Operators
  • Enhanced Reputation: A brand ambassador program showcases a community-driven and resident-inclusive culture, significantly enhancing the community’s marketability.
  • Increased Engagement: Engaged residents are happier, and their positivity is infectious, regularly resulting in higher resident retention rates.
  • Authentic Marketing: Authentic resident testimonials are powerful marketing tools that resonate more deeply than traditional advertising.

By implementing a Resident-Based Brand Ambassador Program, communities can not only improve their marketability but also enhance the living experience of their current residents. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to establish and run this impactful program:


Step-by-Step Implementation Guide
Step 1: Surveying Resident Interest


  • Objective: Determine which residents are interested and well-suited to serve as brand ambassadors.
  • Method: Utilize surveys conducted through various platforms to assess residents’ willingness to participate, their interpersonal skills, and their overall satisfaction with community life.
Step 2: Setting Up the Program


  • Selection Criteria: Choose ambassadors who are enthusiastic, articulate, and genuinely enjoy their community experience.
  • Training Sessions: Provide comprehensive training that includes community history, values, and effective communication techniques, ensuring ambassadors feel prepared and confident.
Step 3: Integrating Business Development Representatives


  • Objective: Ensure that BDRs and resident ambassadors work in tandem to optimize the effectiveness of the program.
  • Action: Conduct joint training sessions and plan collaborative events where BDRs handle logistics and follow-ups, allowing ambassadors to focus on sharing their personal stories.
Step 4: Executing the Program


  • Scheduling: Coordinate ambassador availability during peak visit times, tours, and special events to maximize impact.
  • Monitoring and Feedback: Regularly collect feedback from all parties to refine and improve the program. Ensure that ambassadors feel supported and valued.
Step 5: Recognition and Continuous Improvement


  • Objective: Keep ambassadors motivated and continuously improve the program’s structure based on feedback and outcomes.
  • Action: Recognize and reward ambassadors for their contributions. Regularly assess the program’s effectiveness and adapt to changing needs and insights.
Benefits and Outcomes

The integration of resident ambassadors with the efforts of BDRs creates a powerful synergy that enhances the authenticity of community outreach efforts. This not only improves the satisfaction levels of current residents by giving them an active role in community promotion but also attracts prospective residents and their families through transparent and relatable interactions. Moreover, the strategic involvement of BDRs ensures that the ambassadors’ efforts are well-supported and aligned with broader business goals, creating a cycle of positive feedback and continuous growth for the community.


Real World Proof of Success


“This is a huge tool to generate and get new prospective residents in, especially when residents are given the tours and showing prospective people that are coming in to see what we’re all about.” — Todd Carling, Fellowship Square Mesa

This great video by Todd Carling at Fellowship Square Mesa, shows how they use community portal/kiosk technology along with a brand ambassador program for prospect tours:


By embracing a Resident-Based Brand Ambassador Program, senior living operators can create a more engaged and interconnected community, thereby enhancing the living experience for existing residents and making their communities more appealing to prospective ones. This program not only enriches the lives of all parties involved, but also positions the community as a vibrant and engaging place to live.

A Word From InTouchLink

At InTouchLink, we’re committed to supporting the resident-staff-family engagement model that brings us all together. While our platform offers innovative solutions tailored for the industry, we recognize that it may not be for everyone—and that’s perfectly okay. At the heart of it, our mission transcends our products. We aim to cultivate an environment where everyone involved in senior living can thrive, whether through our technical solutions or simply by sharing our hearts and minds to help grow this invaluable industry.


Now it’s your turn—how do you get prospective families and residents to “get a feel” for your community? We’d love to swap stories and methods below! 👇

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