A Visual Salesperson for Senior Living Communities

A silent, powerful salesperson for Senior Living


Use visual messages on your own hotel-style TV channel to act as your silent salesperson for every prospect walking through the door.

Greet your visitors on every TV in your building and make them feel valued and invited.

Call 1-877-784-6868 option 1


Family member and Resident login

lineProspective family members and residents can login and view all content from their computers, mobile devices, or tablets even before they have decided to join your community.

Display all your marketing

lineDisplay all your rich marketing content and imagery for everyone walking in your door.

Your silent salesperson

lineYour marketing channel constantly reinforces your message with warm, inviting content and pictures of exciting events.


lineUse the TV to display your branding throughout your building and have every menu and calendar look uniform and professional.

Welcome your prospects

Welcome every prospect by putting a short message on your TVs. They will feel cherished and welcome.

Your differentiator

lineDifferentiate your senior living community from all the others your prospects are going to visit. Highlight your focus on communication and making sure all residents and family members are always kept up to date.