Activity Calendar Management

For Assisted Living Communities​

Templates are Easy to Create, print, and Can Be display everywhere.

Engagement Is Everything

Communal TVs, InSuite and online: Keep residents, adult children, and staff up to date and in the loop with events, announcements, photos, menus, news, weather and more. Transparency and communication are paramount to supporting engagement and happiness.


Simplified Activity calendar Templates are gorgeous, easy to manage, update and display on TVs.

Create and manage corporate templates, branding and content. Save hours compared to existing antiquated solutions and focus on what matters most.

Easy Management

Quickly add one-time or recurring events for instant calendar building.

Calendar Images

Add images to any calendar cell or as a watermark.

Instant Design & Printing

One-click printing means you can instantly print updated calendars as they become available.

Custom Template

Multiple templates allow seasonal or branding changes on the fly.

Import & Export

Easily import calendars from Excel and also export them for safekeeping.

Print Options

Daily, weekly or monthly print options to suit every location.

Save Hours

Save 12+ hours a month vs creating calendars manually.


Manage and print separate calendars for different parts of your community – eg independent living, assisted living, memory care wings.

Corporate Access

Use one login to access and monitor calendars from multiple communities.

Dimensions of Wellness

Separate and color-code each activity according to its own dimension of wellness – ensuring a balanced calendar each week.

Post to Website

Automatically post your updated calendar to your website for all prospects to access.

Activity Tracking

Track resident attendance at sessions - share wellness criteria with families, make strategic decisions and manage activity budgets with ease.

Community Demographics We Serve

  • Assisted Living
  • Independent Living
  • Long Term Care
  • Nursing Homes
  • Retirement Homes
  • Continuing Care

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“We really enjoy the monthly calendar features that help makes our program planning easier and less time consuming. In touch ‘s customer service is always quick and very helpful to help us out of any bind we find ourselves in.”

“I always hated doing the activity calendar, but it’s so easy now. I only have to enter the recurring events one time and don’t need to worry about formatting the calendar. It’s so easy and intuitive to use, I keep thinking I’m missing something. This is so much easier than similar programs I have used in the past.”

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