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Residents can feel isolated for many reasons. In any situation where access to healthcare professionals or other caregivers is limited, we help residents stay connected and engaged.


Reduced social isolation

A key factor in residents maintaining a high level of care is to keep them connected with their circle of care: caregivers, loved ones, and professionals.


Virtual HIPAA Compliant Communications

Communicate with residents, caregivers, care team members, and anyone else in the circle of care through a secure private health information platform supporting video conferencing, messages, and group chat.

Video and Audio Conferencing

Engage in two-way video calls between a loved one and the Resident, with the ability to add a third person. Technology-challenged patients can initiate a video call with one simple touch.

Secure Messaging

Send secure text messages between circle of care members or group chats. Conversations are encrypted to safeguard residents’ health information.

File Storage and Transfer

Send and receive images, videos, and documents as attachments in text messages or group chats. Files are stored temporarily and expire after 72 hours to protect confidentiality.

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What Other People Are Saying About aTouchAway video Calling+

We love hearing how these features are working for customers. 

“They have been very easy to set up and use and have been well received by the staff and by the families of our patients. They have made the most upsetting and difficult times a little bit easier by bringing our patients’ families in touch with, and able to see, their loved ones.”

The technology is unique because users don’t need to log in, download links or remember passwords. Connecting patients to their loved ones is literally one touch of the screen away, saving hospital staff valuable time…”

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