CCTV + Lobby Camera Feeds

For Senior Living Communities

Are you looking for a lobby  CCTV solution that is specifically designed for seniors and senior living operators?

Our solution provides easy setup and video streaming right to your residents TVs.

Engagement Is Everything

Communal TVs, InSuite and online: Keep residents, adult children, and staff up to date and in the loop with events, announcements, photos, menus, news, weather and more. Transparency and communication are paramount to supporting engagement and happiness.

Our lobby CCTV solution is incredibly easy to use and provides unparalleled security for your senior living facility.

With our cloud-based system, residents are able to access live CCTV footage from any device with an internet connection.

Senior Living CCTV solution

Easy Setup

With industry leading cloud based camera technology, wirelessly stream camera feeds to anyone who should have visibility.

Secure Broadcasting For Residents

Senior friendly broadcasting allows residents to view camera feeds directly from the comfort of their room. Residents can feel secure, confirm who has come to visit them and even be encouraged to attend activities that are happening live.

Senior Living CCTV solution

Why Staff Love It

It’s simple to setup and automatically stream the right feeds to the right people. Engagement and Life Enrichment teams love being able to get otherwise reclusive residents excited about events that are going on and entice them to “come join the party!”

Why Operators Love It

In conjunction with our Activity Tracker, our assisted living activity calendar offers a comprehensive and cost saving approach to activity management among multiple community locations.
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What People Are Saying About InTouchLink

We love hearing how these features are working for our customers. Here are just a few of the happy customers we’ve had over the years!

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Learn how to create and foster better communication with your residents, family members, and staff using the #1 Hospitality Solution for Senior Living.

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