For Senior Living Communities
Gain valuable insights to ensure your senior living community residents are getting the nutrients they need and the delicious meals they want.

Nurturing Health & Wellness Among Your Residents

Effortlessly track your residents’ meal attendance to ensure they’re getting the nourishment they need to maintain their health and wellness.

Insightful Tracking Tools

Track meals using helpful filters such as meal type, specific items, locations, time of day, and specific resident. Keep track of allergens and dining requirements to ensure an optimal dining experience for your residents.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our insights allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your residents’ meal patterns, likes and dislikes, dietary needs, and more.
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Family Portal

Residents’ families gain peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are well-nourished and cared for.

Holistic Meal Management

In conjunction with our Menu Manager feature, we offer staff and operators the ability to easily communicate menus and understand the preferences and nutritional needs of their senior census.

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Why Staff Love It

Our aTouchAway Video Calling+ makes it easy for staff and residents to connect with each other, and with others in a resident’s circle of care. This makes it easier for staff to get back to doing the work they love: providing quality care to seniors who need it.

Why Operators Love It

Operators appreciate the increased connectivity and happiness of residents, seeing actualized value in overall resident satisfaction, more efficient and effective communication, and more knowledgeable staff.
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