For Senior Living Communities
Create, update, and distribute beautiful menus quickly and efficiently among one or all of your senior living communities.

Clean, Beautiful, and Branded Senior Living Community Menus

Save hours on creating and updating menus for your assisted living community with our Menu Management feature.

Professional, Clean, Beautiful Menus

Easily create beautiful multi-week menus with our templates. Build them once and set them to automatically recur when you need them to.

Quick Select Menu Options

Maintain a bank of menu items that your residents enjoy on a regular basis, and quickly add them to your menus as separate courses or individualized options.

Seasonal Menu Management

Save seasonal menus, so they’re accessible later and set them to automatically appear again when it’s appropriate. Schedule special winter holiday menus, fresh spring menus, and cozy fall menus for when they will most be enjoyed!

Customize Kitchen Instructions

Include instructions for kitchen staff directly in your menu, so you can keep all pertinent information in one place.

Easy Distribution & Printing

Share menus on Community TV channels, Community Portals or choose from multiple print options. You can print daily, weekly, or monthly menus, and segment each menu by course or food type.

Easy Management & Accessibility

Staff and operators can access our Menu Management feature from any device inside or outside the community. Corporate organizers can also create one menu and distribute it to their communities to customize and make local changes as needed.

Ultimate Nutrition Management

Our Menu Management feature easily integrates with our Meal Tracker, allowing you to gain valuable insights about the nourishment and nutrients that your resident intake.

Why Staff Love It

Staff love saving hours every month creating, managing, and distributing menus.

Why Operators Love It

Operators appreciate the efficiency that our Menu Management feature brings, and the professional, clean, and branded appearance of community menus.
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What Other People Are Saying About Menu Management

We love hearing how these features are working for our customers. Here are just a few of the happy customers we’ve had over the years!

“I was responsible for inputting our companies menus on a date rotation for all 4 locations. I found the system got easier as I got used to it and now use it daily with ease.”

“Our residents love being able to quickly find out what’s on the menu today just by turning to our channel on their TV.”

Who Uses Menu Management?

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