For Senior Living Communities
Keep staff up to date in their training by providing them with easy access to training material.

Ensuring the Best Quality Care Starts with Knowledge

Provide your staff with a centralized hub that facilitates standardized training and delivery of custom training courses and resources, including community-specific videos, presentations, documents, and more.

Centralized Management & Flexible Accessibility

Keep on top of your staff’s training by managing course enrollment and completion in one centralized system, and allow staff easy access to their education from a range of devices.

Standardized Training & Engaging Content

Ensure your staff training is standardized across all locations, customizing as needed based on local or geographical requirements.

Engaging, Customized Content & Courses

Customize your staff education on our cloud-based platform by uploading your own educational courses, or enlist our help to create professional courses for you.

Provide your staff with interactive, engaging content to enhance the effectiveness of their training. Include photos, videos, interactive exercises, quizzes and assignments, and more!

Automatic Reporting

Easily monitor your staff’s progress with automated weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly reports that quickly display overdue, outstanding, or completed training by location, department, or user.

Easy Staff Enrollment & Recognition

Add staff to program enrollment in bulk and by region, location, and department for easy management.

Recognize the accomplishments of your staff with customized certificates after they’ve completed courses.

Why Residents & Families Love It

Residents and their families get peace of mind from knowing that senior living community staff are well-trained and knowledgeable about how to deliver the highest caliber of care.

Why Operators Love It

Operators appreciate streamlined company-wide training, easy management and customization of staff training programs, and the reduction of cost and increased efficiency that comes with remote training.
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What Other People Are Saying About aTouchAway video Calling+

We love hearing how these features are working for customers. 

“They have been very easy to set up and use and have been well received by the staff and by the families of our patients. They have made the most upsetting and difficult times a little bit easier by bringing our patients’ families in touch with, and able to see, their loved ones.”

The technology is unique because users don’t need to log in, download links or remember passwords. Connecting patients to their loved ones is literally one touch of the screen away, saving hospital staff valuable time…”

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Learn how to create and foster better communication with your residents, family members, and staff using the #1 Hospitality Solution for Senior Living.

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