Service Request Manager

Simple and transparent work order management

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Engagement Is Everything

Communal TVs, InSuite and online: Keep residents, adult children, and staff up to date and in the loop with events, announcements, photos, menus, news, weather and more. Transparency and communication are paramount to supporting engagement and happiness.


Resident + Family requests and reservations in one place

At their convenience, residents + family members can communicate directly with your community. Senior living staff collect, track and report on all requests in one central system – any device, anywhere, anytime.

Family Login

Families login to the ticketing system to initiate any requests they may have. They can then login at any time, from anywhere to monitor the request and make sure their senior loved one is taken care of.

Resident Login

Any residents with a computer, tablet or cellphone can access the system to log any maintenance, dietary, administrative or other requests. They can then monitor the progress without bothering your staff.

Staff Login

Senior living staff can collect all requests in one central system. They can log phone calls, in-person or written requests from families, resident or other staff. All requests are then tracked and collected centrally.

Reduced Liability

You have a clear record of any work done and the speed at which it was completed. You can back up any maintenance or dietary liability concerns with concrete data instead of abstract memories.

Reduce Impact of
Staff Turnover

If one of your senior living staff members leave, they leave all the information behind in a clean, organised fashion. Your replacement staff can quickly view everything done in the last few months and know exactly what is outstanding.

Manage Staff
More Effectively

At a glance, you can see exactly how long each request takes to complete. You can monitor staff to ensure requests are addressed in a timely and professional fashion.

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What Other People Are Saying About the Service Request Manager

We love hearing how these features are working for our customers. Here are just a few of the happy customers we’ve had over the years!

twin oaks senior living

Kathy Blattel

“Our community enjoys InTouchLink immensely! The residents love all the pictures, calendars, and menus…sometimes they prefer to watch it over TV!! Thank you for all the wonderful training and tech help to keep us looking our best!”

chelsea park retirement community

Kandie-Rae Brown

“Overall the program InTouchLink has been very beneficial to our facility. We had to convince our residents in the beginning that it would be a good thing. Going from handwritten to TV monitor was an adjustment for many that have been here for years. Now we see people looking forward to what comes up on the screen, our Recreation Department has even mastered adding photos from our special events onto the screen. As we continue to learn how the program will even better our communication we hope that one day we can transfer this information to the personal televisions and computers of our residents.”

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