Enterprise Management

Oversight and control for 1 to 1000 communities couldn't be easier

InTouchLink Enterprise Dashboard

Launch, deploy, and manage from anywhere

You have enough on your plate. Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage all of your communities from HQ and from anywhere in the world? Dreams come true!

The InTouchLink Enterprise Management Solution creates a high level of transparency, remote content management and delivers rich analytics that will ensure you make the right strategic decisions, each and every time.

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No matter what age, skills or background they possess, our tools will make sure your residents feel included, empowered and informed

From activity calendars to menus and more, everything you and your residents need is accessible on multiple channels and devices. 

InTouchLink Enterprise Dashboard

Enterprise Dashboard

Urgent announcements, instant messages, scheduled videos, corporate menus and activity calendars are done in real-time and with ease.

Cloud-based operation and simple flow makes design, scheduling and publishing of content a breeze. Push content to all communities, by region, state or direct specific messaging by segment (IL, AL, SNF/LTC, Rehab). 

Rich analytics and reports are a click away. Pull them ad-hoc or schedule them.


Community Channel

Transparency and communication are paramount to supporting resident happiness. Keep residents more informed around the building – and happier!

  • Live weather forecasts and community, local and national news helps residents feel connected with the world around them
  • Photo galleries showcase the vibrancy of activities and events within your community
  • Menus keep residents excited about what’s available for meals


  • Highlight staff (new or existing) by recognizing them on your channel and promoting resident and staff connection
InTouchLink In-Room TV Channel

In-Room Channel

Community engagement from anywhere. The same content residents see on the community TVs are readily available from their room. 

  • Rotating menus, activity calendars, weather and news are just a screen away


  • Residents with mobility issues can get the same great content as everyone else gets


  • Announcements – like a bus leaving, the elevator being serviced or a flu outbreak – provide proactive alerts in real-time


  • Any Cable Provider – we work with all of them and do the heavy lifting to ensure you can focus on what matters most – your residents


Community-wide event video streaming. Whether it’s a musical act, religious service or any other activity, all residents can participate.

  • Promote the liveliness of your community by broadcasting live events on community screens


  • Make sure everyone gets a front-row seat to the show


  • Even if bed-ridden, a resident can see the live community event from the comfort of their suite

  • Maximize Activity Budgets – hire one yoga instructor and live broadcast the class across multiple communities in real-time
Assisted living social courses
InTouchLink Community Family and Resident Portal on several devices

Family & Resident Portal

A window into your community. Families and residents sign themselves up for an account and can connect directly with your community – from any device and from anywhere in the world.

  • Menus, activity calendars, and community news is easily accessible


  • All the data you’ve already entered into the system for your TVs is automatically added


  • Easy profile linking allows administrators to set up or allow family members to request access to their loved one’s profile – share photos, messages, activity and meal attendance


  • Residents can send requests directly to departments within your community if they have maintenance, dietary, administrative or other requests – RSVPing for events, trips and activities is a breeze


  • Easy access to a community directory to encourage fraternization

Amazon Alexa

Just ask for community info. Activities, events and menus are just an ask away from any Amazon Alexa device

  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are available for all – no more guessing


  • An up-to-date listing of daily activities encourages resident engagement


  • Easy access promotes inclusiveness for residents with mobility or vision impairment
InTouchLink + Amazon Alexa Gif
in-room channel community message broadcast for assisted living

Community Message Broadcasting

Keep residents and families in the loop. One place to send instant alerts or pre-scheduled updates to residents, families and staff.

  • Let residents and families know when events have been scheduled or postponed


  • Send emergency alerts for infectious outbreaks or weather warnings


  • Email, Text and TV Channel broadcasts ensure everyone knows what’s going on at all times

Activity & Meal Tracking

An active and well-fed camper is a happy camper. Easily check-in and register residents for community activities. Promote engagement!

  • Generate reports by specific activities, categories or by resident


  • Promote inclusiveness and ensure residents are getting the proper mix of mental and physical stimulation


  • Determine which activities are the most popular/best-attended – open up a second series to promote happiness and wellbeing
Gif demonstrating how to track resident activity

Sales & Marketing Dashboard

Maintain brand consistency across properties and promote occupancy and census growth

  • Remote control of layouts and branding
  • Push marketing messaging – floor plan layouts, move-in specials and more
  • Manage the prospect journey through audio and visual cues that make your community “the only community they should consider”
InTouchLink Newsletters

Newsletters & Flyers

Vibrant and custom branded collateral takes minutes to create

  • Share important community information
  • Easy online editor and designer makes creation and publication a breeze
  • Re-use existing and pre-input information to quickly update next month’s calendar – it’ll look like it took hours when it took moments
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