Outbreak and Pandemic Tools for Senior Living

In-Room tools designed to support communication and engagement during an outbreak

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Maintain engagement while prioritizing safety

Isolated residents can have major wellness challenges. We’ve put together a toolkit to help keep residents engaged, even while they’re confined to their rooms.

Our most popular modules are in-room tv channels and HIPAA compliant video calling, but there is plenty more below!

The InTouchLink Outbreak & Pandemic solution creates proactive communication opportunities that encourage strong and satisfying connections between your residents, their families, and the community.

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Keep your residents informed and connected through any emergency

Ensure your community is well and families are at ease via multiple channels. 

Community Channel + In-Room Channel

Community engagement from anywhere

The same content residents see on the community TVs are readily available from their room.

  • Rotating menus, activity calendars, weather and news are just a screen away


  • Photo galleries showcase the vibrancy of activities and events within your community


  • Residents with mobility issues can get the same great content as everyone else gets


  • Announcements – the elevator being serviced, new policy updates,  or a flu outbreak – provide proactive alerts in real-time


  • Pre-program any number of exercise, funny or informational videos to entertain and engage your residents on a daily basis
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Family & Resident Portal

A window into your community

Families and residents sign themselves up for an account and can connect directly with your community – from any device and from anywhere in the world.

  • Menus, activity calendars, and community news is easily accessible


  • All the data you’ve already entered into the system for your TVs is automatically added


  • Residents can send requests directly to departments within your community if they have maintenance, dietary, administrative or other requests – RSVPing for events, trips and activities is a breeze


  • Share prevention plans, safety updates and provide a link between families and residents

  • Broadcast your in-room community channel in the portal and centralize family and community communications


Community-wide event video streaming

Whether it’s a musical act, religious service, administration update video or any other activity, all residents can view it.

  • Promote the liveliness of your community by broadcasting live events on TV screens


  • Reduce the feeling of isolation and support inclusiveness


  • Make sure everyone gets a front-row seat to the show even from their room


  • Rebroadcast your video at a later date for those that missed it the first time

Amazon Alexa

Just ask for community info

Activities, events and menus are just an ask away from any Amazon Alexa device

  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are available for all – no more guessing


  • An up-to-date listing of daily activities encourages resident engagement


  • Easy access promotes inclusiveness for residents with mobility or vision impairment
in-room channel community message broadcast

Community Message Broadcasting

Keep residents and families in the loop

One place to send instant alerts or pre-scheduled updates to residents, families and staff.

  • Let residents and families know when events have been scheduled or postponed


  • Send emergency alerts for infectious outbreaks or weather warnings


  • Email, Text and TV Channel broadcasts ensure everyone knows what’s going on at all times (enter the message in one place and it appears everywhere)

Activity Tracker + Family Notifications

An active resident is a happy resident 

Easily check-in and register residents for community activities. Promote engagement!

  • Family can easily check-in on loved ones and get automatic community engagement notifications


  • Generate reports by specific activities, categories or by resident


  • Promote inclusiveness and ensure residents are getting the proper mix of mental and physical stimulation, even while in isolation


  • Encourage family confidence in your community’s care of their loved one
Activity Tracker Interface
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What Other People Are Saying About the impact of inTouchLink on residents

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“The first thing our residents do in the morning is check the in-house channel to find out what is expected to happen that day”

“Our residents love being able to quickly find out what’s on the menu today just by turning to our channel on their TV.”

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