TV with a “Clear” Picture

One of the most exciting and innovative products showcased at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was something that holds tremendous practical potential: the Transparent Smart Window, a transparent LCD touchscreen which can also act as a window.

Though it is uncertain whether this precise product in its current reincarnation will be available on the market, the potential applications for this technology are very promising. As a window, users can see the world outside or operate the blinds function thereby turning the screen opaque – the same manner one would close actual blinds. On the other hand, the touchscreen as LCD display provides a multimedia platform for backgrounds, widgets, movie players –even apps for social media.

Further applications for this technology could lead to heads up displays (HUD) and car windshields. Drivers would be able to have operation utility options literally right at their fingertips: back-up camera(s), image/light enhancement, speed, warnings, etc. Imagine what this kind of technology could do for elder care and engagement!

In the mean time, InTouchLink could play an important role in improving the quality of life for the elderly or those constrained at home. The software’s easy-to-use design and layout facilitates a safe and fun online experience – no computer experience is required! Popular computers functions including email, web browsing, webcam, calendar management and photo album utility can be very effortlessly used by anyone – even by those with little to no prior computer experience!

InTouchLink can bring the world to any senior at home or away. Now staying “in touch” is so convenient and quick – all by the click of a mouse. Sign up today for a free trial and let current technology bring you closer to loved ones and your community!