Unlock Marketing Dollars in Senior Living: Advertise and Monetize Your Community TV Channel in 3 Steps

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3 Steps to Monetize Your Senior Living TV Channel & Unlock Marketing Funds

In the ongoing quest to enhance the resident experience within senior living communities, operators often face the challenge of stretching their budgets to meet the ever-growing needs for engaging and enriching programs. The question then arises: How can you grow your available resources without having to navigate the tricky waters of budget increases with your finance manager? The answer lies in forging strategic partnerships with local businesses, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem that not only supports your community’s financial health but also enriches your residents’ lives.

This innovative approach can be seamlessly integrated through the use of your community TV channel, transforming it into a vibrant platform for engagement, information, and community support. Here’s how you can embark on this journey in three simple steps:

Step 1: Chart Your Course with Strategic Partnerships

Identify Value-Added Partners: Begin by scouting for local businesses that offer goods and services aligning with your residents’ interests and needs. This could range from the daily essentials to the special treats:

  • Barbers/Salons for personal grooming

  • Florists to brighten up living spaces

  • Banking institutions for financial convenience or planning

  • Delivery or taxi services for ease of transport

  • Restaurants for a taste of local cuisine

  • Pharmacies or physiotherapists for health and wellness needs

  • And many other community partners and suppliers who are a part of your residents’ lives

Pro-tip: Utilize tools like Google Maps to discover what businesses are within your community’s vicinity, making it easier to identify potential partners.

Step 2: Chart Your Course with Strategic Partnerships

Craft Your Pitch: With a list of potential partners in hand, it’s time to plan your approach. The key here is to highlight the unique opportunity your community TV channel offers:

  • Emphasize the captive audience that businesses can reach, including not just residents but also their families, visitors, and staff.

  • Discuss the partnership as a means to build their brand while supporting community communication.

  • Suggest a modest investment (e.g., $50-$100 per month) for the ability to share their message with your community, ensuring it’s seen as a value proposition rather than a cost.

  • Propose the idea of a coupon code that a resident may reference at the local business, which will offer them an incentive to patronize the establishment and while also providing valuable analytics on the success of the promotion.

  • Whether you craft the 10 – 15 second visual ad yourself or utilize the advertiser’s marketing resources, with an easy-to-use platform like ours, you’ll be off on the voyage of budgetary relief in no time.

Pro-tip: Consider offering potential partners a video ad for an additional charge,

Step 3: Reinvest in Your Community’s Treasure Trove

Generate and Allocate Revenue Wisely: The strategic insertion of non-solicitation based advertisements within your community TV programming creates a new revenue stream. This revenue should ensure the platform’s sustainability and also support enhancing resident experiences:

  • Use the funds to cover the operational costs of your community TV, making it a self-sustaining entity.

  • Allocate surplus revenue towards developing new and unique activities, classes, and events that cater to your residents’ diverse interests, further enriching their community life.

While this approach may be divisive and not be for every community based on corporate philosophies, many will see real value for themselves and their residents. Remember, the idea is not to take advantage of the residents; it’s to provide them with visibility to services that may interest them, and the revenue generated by ad spend is designed to directly improve their quality of life and freedom to choose.

By following these steps, senior living community operators can unlock a new dimension of community engagement and support. This approach not only alleviates financial pressures but also opens up avenues for creating a more vibrant, engaged, and connected community. Through thoughtful partnerships and content curation, your community TV can become a cornerstone of resident satisfaction and a testament to your commitment to enhancing their quality of life.

Are you ready to transform your community TV channel into a beacon of opportunity and enrichment?


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