Up to the Challenge: Life-Long Learning for Seniors

Remember the 1993 movie Grumpy Old Men wherein the late Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon played two cantankerous elderly feuding rivals, each set stubbornly in his own ways? The film played on the “can’t-teach-an-old-dog-new-tricks” idiom, and for many people this concept is a common held belief. On the other hand, recent studies are setting out to prove quite the opposite.

One such study headed by lead researcher Elizabeth Stine-Morrow of the University of Illinois focuses on testing elderly participants with tasks to improve their cognitive skills (i.e. judgement, reasoning) and found a correlation between improvement of mental acuity and a growing positive change in personality towards openness. As participants were given more challenging exercises to perform, their ability to be receptive to new experiences increased.

Studies like these prove that age does not necessarily halt a person’s ability to grow and progress, and that with consistent cognitive stimulation and engagement through games, exercises or other activities, seniors can continue to live a rewarding, fulfilling life. InTouchLink’s software for seniors is designed to help facilitate this need. With an easy-to-use design, sending emails to loved ones, setting up webcam conversations or even browsing the web are no longer daunting tasks for the elderly seeking to learn computer basics and keep in touch with family and friends.  

See for yourself the numerous possibilities in improving the quality of life for seniors that InTouchLink can provide – as well as peace of mind. Take a step in the right direction by signing up today for a free trial!