Using Technology for Activity Planning in Senior Living Communities

This year, the InTouchLink team attended the National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP) 2022 conference. Not only were we in attendance, but our Vice President, Justin Godderis, sat on a panel to discuss the future of programming and senior engagement alongside other industry experts.

Let’s take a look at some trends happening within programming and activities, and how technology can be used to streamline processes and increase the quality of life for residents across the board.

Innovations in Activity Programming for Senior Living Communities

A resident’s experience, living in a senior care home today, looks noticeably different to what it was a decade ago, and in ten years’ time, that experience will have evolved further.

InTouchLink is at the forefront of that evolution.

While there are a variety of factors influencing these changes, the introduction and acceptance of technology within SL, is a driving force of positive change for staff, residents, and family members alike.

In the not-too-distant past, activity programming would consist of a coffee maker, some VHS tapes, a religious service, and maybe a bingo night or two. The IT department in a senior living facility was likely a staff member’s uncle, who happened to know how to plug in a modem. However, the residents in these communities are valuable members of society who have lived full, rich lives and who deserve to participate in engaging programming that leaves them feeling fulfilled. Programming is now well on its way to providing residents with activities that improve their quality of life, and leveraging technology to do that, can be a game changer.

Technology in senior living communities is currently in a transition period. In the past decade or two, companies like us here at InTouchLink have developed solutions specifically for older generations, and those innovations are only continuing to increase in breadth and capabilities. However, until more recently, many of these facilities lacked the infrastructure needed to support modern technology and provide adequate connectivity. The pandemic was the catalyst that many senior living communities needed to embrace technology, and with that infrastructure now in place, the use of technology in senior activity programming is forecasted to skyrocket in future years.

What Technology Has to Offer Senior Communities

Hardware and software innovations are being developed and implemented in senior living communities, but what exactly are the results? The introduction of technology into senior care facilities can yield a range of improvements for everyone involved. Happiness, wellness, engagement, and a feeling of inclusiveness are just the tip of the iceberg.

Benefits for Residents and Loved Ones

Activity programming in senior care is meant to engage and stimulate residents to keep them cognitively and socially active, and to provide them with fulfillment and satisfaction. In essence, activities put the “living” into senior living. Utilizing technology to complement traditional activity programming takes it to an entirely new level, offering an alternative activity solution for residents who are less inclined toward traditional activities while also providing all residents with fun, new, and exciting options to choose from.

When residents have access to tech, they can stay connected to family and friends like never before. By simply enabling this level of free communication with loved ones, residents feel more comfortable and satisfied in their community, and they experience an increase to overall happiness and wellbeing. Not to mention the peace of mind experienced by those loved one’s, thanks to that ability to connect and communicate.

Benefits for Senior Living Facilities

The introduction of tech not only helps residents and their families – it has an impact on senior living community staff and operators, too. Using technology to facilitate communication helps staff stay alert and in tune with the needs of their residents and colleagues. Tech can be used to increase job efficiency and reduce the workload, in an effort to keep staff focused on more attentive, personalized, and higher quality care.

When a community adopts technology into their programming, people notice. It’s a major selling point to potential residents and their families, and communities who embrace technology experience a noticeable return on investment by attracting more residents, increasing resident retention thanks to increased resident wellbeing, and even reducing the average age of their residents. Not only that, but a community who leverages innovative technology is able to attract younger and more talented professionals, eager to work with an organization who is committed to continuous improvement and providing the best experience for their team, families, and residents.

Explore Tech Solutions with InTouchLink

If your community is looking to stay at the forefront of the industry and provide your community with the best resident experience possible, InTouchLink is here to make your wish come true. Our platform promotes productivity and improves the lives of senior living operators, their communities’ residents, and family members alike.

To see what we have to offer, book a free 5-minute demo with us today, or contact us with any questions you may have. We’re dedicated to providing the best technology to help improve the quality of life within senior living communities, replace multiple fractured systems, save you money, and we’re happy to discuss how we can make that happen in your community!