Independent Living

Empower your residents through greater engagement

Enhance resident independence by empowering them with the information they want

InTouchLink’s Solution delivers actionable insights into your residents’ needs and wants, so that you can be confident that you’re maximizing activity programs and content that are catered for your community.

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Provide your residents with the information they want at any time using a Community Channel

Transparency and communication are paramount to supporting residents. Keep residents more informed around the building so that they can be empowered to make the choices they want. Showcase photos, events, and more. The community channel can also be streamed on your website to attract prospects and update families. 

assisted living with Intouchlink

Promote connections within your residence with a Community Directory

Filter between staff and residents to find their personalized profile that tells their story of a lifetime. Whether residents want to get to know their new neighbour or a staff worker, all the information they need to start a great conversation is accessible in the directory.

An accessible way for residents to get information with Amazon Alexa

Just ask for community info. Activities, events and menus are just an ask away from any Amazon Alexa device. An up-to-date listing of daily activities encourages resident engagement.

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InTouchLink Activity Tracker Analytics

Maximize participation and activities attendance with insights from InTouchLink's Activity Tracker

Using our thorough reporting and analytics system, you can easily allocate your activities budget according to what is performing best in your community. Easily check-in and register residents for community activities. Promote inclusiveness and engagement!

in-room channel community message broadcast for assisted living

Keep residents and families up-to-date using Community Message Broadcasting

Let residents and families know when events have been scheduled or postponed, if there are urgent alerts, or any other important information through email, text and TV – to ensure that all parties stay informed at all times.

Easily create and share activity calendars to staff, residents, and families

Make a stunning branded and customized activity calendar for your community which will allow residents to effortlessly decipher which events they would like to attend. Save hours compared to traditional methods so that you can focus on what matters. 

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