Ideas for Activities Your Retirement Community Residents Will Love

Retirement facilities have increasingly acknowledged the importance of keeping seniors socially active. Not only does it remind them that they are part of a supportive community, but it also has benefits for their health. Studies have shown that staying socially active reduces the risk of mental issues related to depression and cognitive function, in addition to cultivating a stable support system in times of need. By hosting activities in your retirement community, you give your residents the opportunity to socialize and have fun with other community members.

Games Night

Who said only children can enjoy game night? With new residents joining your retirement community every week, games night is a great way to introduce them in a comfortable setting. Because there’s a predetermined activity, there’s little risk for an awkward conversation or encounter. Popular games include bingo, bridge, chess, and scrabble. To get people motivated, consider offering prizes to the winners. If you’re working with a tight budget, one way to get around this is by asking every participant to bring a small gift as their admission. This way there are multiple winners at the end of the game.

Art Activities

Arts and crafts activities are a great way to get retirement community members to express their creativity. With so many diverse backgrounds, it’s also an opportunity for members to share their knowledge. Many communities will offer group quilting classes, paint nights, or water painting lessons. Consider extending these classes to outside of the community as a way for retirees to share their knowledge with the next generation. In doing so, friendships will be formed and all parties will feel a deeper sense of community. You can also invite seniors from the neighborhood to give them a soft introduction to your community and raise your marketing profile and census.

Exercise Classes

Staying fit is important at every age! Many retirement communities are offering fitness classes as a way for their residents to stay active while learning a new discipline. Exercise is a great way to maintain physical abilities, but is also important for mental health. With a boost of serotonin after their class, residents will have a refreshed outlook and be ready for a relaxing game night.

Music Shows

Everyone loves to watch talented musicians show off their best work. Organize a retirement community choir or bring in some music teachers to get residents to try an instrument they’ve never played before. For the less adventurous, many retirement communities have local school choirs come in to perform. This is also a great way for seniors to interact with some young, local talent. At InTouchLink, we’re committed to providing senior living software that improves communication in your retirement community and increases resident participation in your events and activities. To learn more about our groundbreaking technology or to book a free demonstration, call 1-877-784-6868.
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