How You Will Benefit from Living in a Retirement Community

In recent years, the senior living industry has undergone a branding transition with an increased focus on community and lifestyle. According to Statistics Canada, 29.6% of seniors aged 85 or higher are living in a special care facility, and this number is steadily rising. Many seniors, however, dread moving to a retirement facility, but they are slowly discovering how they will benefit from making the move at a seasoned age.

Social Connections

Retirement communities enhance the social life of seniors through various activities, such as exercise classes, hobby clubs, and other organized activities. This strengthened human interaction is linked to increased mental stimulation, which is essential to emotional and physical wellness. Increased socialization is also associated with better cognitive function and can prevent early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Loneliness is a common problem among seniors and can lead to feelings of depression. By connecting them to like-minded individuals with common interests and passions, they are more likely to build relationships that will boost their mood and increase their sense of belonging.

Safety & Nutrition

Nutritional needs change over time, especially with the onset of health conditions that may require dietary adjustments. Eating well is essential to maintaining good health at any age, but many seniors aren’t getting the nutrition they need.  By having meals prepared at a retirement community, seniors will experience the health benefits of having three meals a day that are modified to meet their unique needs. Safety is also enhanced, with security personnel and cameras installed at most retirement communities to keep residents at ease. This is important as many seniors are concerned about falling victim to crime or experiencing accidents.

Reduced Responsibility

When living independently, there is a constant worry of home maintenance and costly repairs. These anxieties are relieved by living in a retirement community in which interior and exterior home responsibilities are reduced on both the part of the individual and the family.  Retirees can take part in hobbies they are passionate about and enjoy their retirement. This increase in spare time allows seniors to do the things they always put off while working, such as learning a new language, traveling, or taking music lessons.

Increased Mobility

Mobility becomes a greater issue with age, especially with harsh winter conditions that are notorious for causing slips and falls. In a retirement community, residents benefit from having easy access to services that would prevent these types of concerns. Many retirement communities are in close proximity to grocery stores and shopping centres, with many also offering on-site medical facilities. In the event that the retirement community is further away from stores, organized transportation is often offered. Residents don’t need to worry about having to drive in harsh conditions or rely on family and friends for transportation.

Improved Family Relationships

Retirement communities also serve to improve relationships with family and friends. Over time, there is a natural role reversal between parent and child that sometimes leads to strained ties. This strain is reduced when seniors enter retirement homes as younger family members no longer serve the caregiver role, allowing them to enjoy their time spent together. Many retirement communities also plan activities and events that the whole family can enjoy. In making seniors more independent, less time is spent trying to solve problems, and more is spent on quality family time. Improve communication between residents and senior living operators by using a technology system that is easy-to-use and efficient. At InTouchLink, we strive to make residents a priority and turn communication into a positive experience for everyone. To learn more about our technology, book a free demo, or call 1-877-784-6868 today.

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