Bridging the Gap Between Generations with Computers

For many seniors , upon receiving digital devices and computers for Christmas gifts, technology can seem very daunting and confusing. The best asset in learning how they work…can be the grandchildren or youth within the community. Such is what Pamela Norr realised after repeatedly trying to help her elderly parents to use a computer: her own teenage children were the most knowledgeable in the gadgetry and its functioning.

Elders all over increasingly face the change in times when they discover their phone calls and letters are intermittently or rarely timely returned by younger loved ones. Instead they are confronted with the high-speed "click & type" of current day communication. However, these same elders grew up in a different era and are not as familiar to what is now common place. For example: emails, social media and webcam.

InTouchLink provides a solution to this dilemma. With easy-to-use functioning for everyday activities like email, internet browsing, webcam, calendars and photo albums, the elderly and disabled have everything available to them in order to stay connected. This service is available to individuals as well as assisted living/seniors communities.

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