Let’s Get Physical – Technology Helps Keep Seniors Fit

Elders in Seekonk, RI are taking advantage of cutting-edge technology in order to stay active and keep fit.

One such senior resident, Nancy Smutek, uses her community’s Nintendo Wii on a daily basis to improve her balance and fitness level. What started as an occasional recreational past-time playing the software’s bowling game became a regular physical therapy regimen when a family member recently introduced her to the Wii’s fitness programming capability.

Combining motion detection with a traditional video game control system has made Nintendo Wii a popular and effective tool in engaging older adults, both mentally and physically. Programs like the Wii are ideal computers for seniors as they are fun, easy-to-use and elderly-friendly.

To read further about Ms. Smutek and how this technology affected her community, please visit: http://www.eastbayri.com/news/2011/oct/27/seniors-find-fitness-wii/.