Family Portal

Give your family members peace of mind. Our fun family portal allows families to easily access information about what’s happening at your community, and view pictures and upcoming special events.

Engage with your families

Share instant updates

Connect residents and loved ones



The Family Portal can be acccessed by all family members from any device from anywhere in the world


Easy to Manage


All the data you’re already entering into the system for your TVs is automatically added to the family portal

Family Sign-ups


Families can sign themselves up for an account – using unique codes so they can connect directly with your community

Real-Time Updates


All information is sent to the family in real-time so they are kept completely up-to-date with everything going on in the community

Service Requests


Families can send requests directly to departments within your community if they have maintenance, dietary, administrative or other requests

“InTouchlink has been a great addition to our properties, in addition to facilitating seamless communication to our residents, it also allows our operation to run smoothly as everyone is now in the know!”

“The intouchlink system is a great program. It is very user friendly. It is quick and easy to update information from anywhere. it can be accessed at work or at home.”

“Communication is key in any organization, including Long Term Care, where our customers include residents, their families, visitors and staff. To reach all those customers is a task in itself. InTouch Link has now made communication one step easier in getting our message across.”