8 Key Reasons Why You Should Choose InTouchLink for your Senior Living Community

InTouchLink Community Family and Resident Portal on several devices

There are a few digital signage companies in the retirement industry. So what makes InTouchLink any different? Well, for starters, we are not just a digital signage company. We are also a learning centre, a resident and family member access portal, a service request manager, a calendar and menu creator, and on top of it all, experts in customer service. With InTouchLink, you are not merely another addition to the bottom line, you are the reason why we exist, why we continue to improve our services daily, and why we love what we do. We want you to know exactly why we are different. So we’ve put together a list of reasons that will simplify the daunting task of choosing an all-in-one digital solution for your retirement community.

1. Pricing with your community in mind

We don’t want you to be buried in debt. We know that you need the money in your budget to improve the lives of your senior residents. We want to improve their lives too. That’s why our pricing structure, unlike some of our competitors, allows you to pay in affordable monthly increments with no initial setup fees other than the market cost of the hardware.

2. Top of the line customer service + a designated account manager

As an InTouchLink client, you receive the VIP treatment no matter if you are a full-scale corporation with hundreds of assisted living and long term care communities or just a small
individual retirement community. Your designated account manager will guide you through full on-boarding and offer continuous support for the full duration of your time with us (which we hope is forever!).

3. One-stop shop

Don’t be fooled by what you have seen other digital signage companies offer. Or even what other senior living digital signage companies offer.  We are much more than just a digital signage system. We offer an entire platform packed with useful tools and features to improve your assisted living community in multiple ways.

Here are some of the tools and features that we offer:

  • Learning Center
  • Family Member Access
  • Resident Portal
  • Service Requests System
  • Automatic Calendar and Menu Formatting

Having each of these tools at your fingerprints through one central system increases efficiency and saves you all the money you would have spent on them separately, increasing your overall profitability (it’s just good business sense). View our full list of our features and how they can benefit your retirement community.

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4. Family Member and Resident Portal

Most of our competitors do not provide families of senior residents to have access to their system. Families only see the activity calendar, menus, photos and other information when they arrive at the community and see them on the television screens, or when they go on the community’s website, where the information is uploaded separately (creating extra work for staff!). The InTouchLink platform allows family members and even prospective residents to access a Family Member and Resident Portal where they can view the weekly menu, photos, events and more. Family members can even download the retirement community newsletter. The information populates in the portal automatically when inputted into the InTouchLink system – so there’s no extra work for staff to maintain it!

5. User-Friendly Platform

Many platforms claim that their systems are user-friendly, but we’ve had retirement communities switch over to our system and sigh in relief at its genuine simplicity and ease-of-use (true story!). The most technologically-challenged users have quickly learned how to use our system, and immediately began to love it.

6. Changes are instantaneous

Unlike with some of our competitors, you don’t need to create your content and send it to someone else to upload and wait for it to start showing on your assisted living TV channel. You can create the content quickly and easily on our platform, and it will be up on your channel instantly. No more waiting!

7. Channels are completely customizable

When we say customizable, we mean it. You choose everything from your TV channel layout and background photos all the way down to the minute details like your font styles and colors. Choose the most creative person in your team and let them have fun with it! But don’t be overwhelmed in the least – customization is completely optional. The InTouchLink system is designed to work beautifully on its own from the moment it is turned on.

8. Enhance efficiency, communication, engagement and profitability!

Our system has been designed with you in mind. All the helpful features and small details were created with feedback from our wonderful clients. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is to help you solve those stubborn problems, some as simple as a resident not knowing what time Bingo starts today, to the more complicated ones, like service requests slipping through the cracks or staff falling behind on their training courses. Reach out to us today and let us help you solve your problems, and increase engagement, communication, efficiency and profitability in your assisted living community.

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