A Man’s Best Friend = A Senior’s Best Trainer?

A number of health issues arise and progress for the elderly as they age: illness, decreasing mobility, depression, dementia. Though many programs and facilities work hard to address and develop innovative methods to engage seniors in maintaining healthy and active lifestyles, what if there is one effective method available that is literally under one’s nose? Fido.

Countless senior citizens who currently have or have had canine friends know firsthand the mental and physical health benefits dog ownership can provide. Even those older adults who may not own their own pet but have access to a dog also enjoy the same benefits. Walking is a very low impact way to attain fitness and with needs of an animal to exercise regularly, it provides a “built-in” motivator to keep an elder moving and active. Communing with an animal allows for communication with the five senses therefore facilitating a more complete, multi-levelled experience of engagement.

When Fifi is asleep, the InTouchLink software can act as another engagement tool for the elderly. Designed with an easy-to-use concept in mind, essential communication tools like email, webcam and web browsing are made accessible and simply. Even tracking one’s appointments and community events via the software’s calendar option can literally be at your elderly loved one’s fingertips. Sending and receiving photos of the grandchildren and/or the family pet? Not a problem with the photo album capability!

The opportunities to stay connected with family, friends and the community are endless with InTouchLink. Why not sign up today for a free trial and see for yourself just how easy it is to be “in touch”!