Living to Work: Seniors Choosing to Work Beyond Retirement

Days filled with golf, hobbies, and taking it easy would seem something to aspire to during one’s career span. However, for some seniors retirement is just not an attractive lifestyle option – at least not yet.

According to recent surveys job satisfaction numbers appear to increase with older age, increasing to 97% with the 70plus age group of participants. The benefits of maintaining activity in one’s career lie with a few factors: job satisfaction grows with age, stress levels drop with seniority. And, of course, there is the financial advantage of waiting until full retirement age before claiming pensions. The U.S. Government Accountability Office reported that nearly half of seniors chose to forego approximately 25% to 33% of additional inflation-adjusted benefits due to their premature applications for their Social Security (i.e. before 63 years of age).

The other side of the equation for elder workers remaining in the workforce is one that reflects a key senior health factor: keeping active. For 93 year old University of Pittsburgh emeritus professor Edward Gerjuoy, working and spending time around the younger generation of astronomy and physics students that he teaches helps him to stay “youthful” and allows him to feel he can still play a strong contributive role in society and his community.

A fundamental mode for the elderly to attain a sense of accomplishment and empowerment into well into their golden years is through open and frequent communication and engagement with the world around them. Whether it is merely to email distant family members or checking the daily weather and local news, InTouchLink can be an ideal resource for seniors looking to use current technology to bring the world to them. The InTouchLink software is specially designed with the unique needs of the elder user in mind to allow for an easy-to-use, safe and fun computer experience. Webcam conversations with the grandchildren, tracking appointments and events, even reading the news is simply available at a click of a mouse.

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