Centenarians Getting Social with Social Media

When centenarian Betty Love Goodykoontz was born in 1910, the world and how people communicated with each other was very different. She has been witness to tremendous change in almost mindboggling proportion: from horse and buggy and telegraph to high speed trains and instantaneous email and cell phones. Rather than be intimidated by all the changes and technological advancements, the retired schoolteacher has joined the growing ranks of aging adults in learning about computers and how they can be used to maintain a connection with the world around them – specifically via social media.

With the population aging, it is no surprise that the aging demographic is the fastest growing sector among social networks. According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, there was a growth of 100% reported for users 65 and older between April 2009 and May 2010 – translating in a bump from 13 to 26 percent! In the face of this trend, seniors centers and communities across the United States are offering computer classes that focus on not only the general operation of computer basics but the usage and management of social media to stay connected and engaged with family and friends as well.

InTouchLink can play a key role in helping the elderly to reach their goals in this area. Webcam, simple email, enlarged iconography and print, and calendar are just a few of the exciting easy-to-use possibilities that are provided for users to allow them a safe and enjoyable online experience. Social media and accessing it is a breeze when logging on as an InTouchLink subscriber. Now, staying connected or merely looking up the weather report is literally a few clicks away!

As Betty and her contemporaries proved, one is never too old to learn about computers and the opportunities being online provide! Make the first step today towards being “in touch” with loved ones and sign up for a free trial!