Partnering Up for Age-Related Brain Health

Last year a leading Toronto geriatric research organization, the Baycrest Centre, and 45plus multimedia entity ZoomerMedia joined forces in a content and co-branding partnership to develop projects and initiatives to appeal and tap into the 50plus market. One of their projects was revealed at the 2011 Zoomer Show in October: a cognitive screening test to determine the early signs of dementia and Alzheimers, in an effort to eliminate the current trend in delayed diagnosis and treatment. By providing a more proactive approach to detecting brain disease, the partnered duo hope individuals suffering from brain diseases can improve their odds for a better quality of life.

The screening test itself is an online self-assessment tool wherein aging users’ thinking skills are tested – all in the comfort of their own home.  Designed from Baycrest’s cutting edge knowledge base on cognitive science, the test examines a user in the same areas of attention, problem-solving and memory in the same way a clinician would examine a patient. A first-time product for Cogniciti Inc. (Baycrest and MaRS’ for-profit company), the tool has a market launch set for June 2012.

Activities such as online games and brainteasers can aid in maintaining and building one’s mental acuity and fitness. InTouchLink provides a safe and fun computer experience for seniors with little to no computer knowledge who are seeking a simple “back to basics” introduction to current communication technology. Whether Grandma/Grandpa wish to webcam and email with loved ones, keep track of appointments & events or even play online games, InTouchLink is an ideal, practical and easy-to-use choice.

Interested in partaking in the online cognitive screening test? Why not try InTouchLink to access the internet and see for yourself how simple it is to navigate around. It’s never too late to stay “in touch” – sign up for a free trial!