Simplifying Activity Planning and Reporting with InTouchLink

Activity planning in senior living community

Streamlining Event Organization


Hey there, Activity Directors and Coordinators! We know how hectic your job can be. Planning events, managing schedules, and tracking participation can sometimes feel like a juggling act with too many balls in the air. That’s where InTouchLink comes in to save the day.

Imagine having all your activity planning tools in one place. No more hopping between spreadsheets, calendars, and paper forms. With InTouchLink, you get a centralized hub for creating, updating, and sharing your activity schedules effortlessly. Whether it’s bingo night, exercise classes, or special holiday events, everything is organized and communicated smoothly.


Time Savings and Efficiency Gains


Let’s talk numbers because we know you love to see concrete results.


  • Time Savings:


    • 40% Reduction in Administrative Time: Communities using InTouchLink’s automated tools report spending 40% less time on administrative tasks. That means more time for you to engage with residents and less time stuck behind a desk.
    • 20 Hours Saved Per Month: On average, staff members save about 20 hours every month with our streamlined scheduling and reporting tools. Think of all the extra activities or personal interactions you could fit into that time!


  • Improved Efficiency:


    • 75% Increase in Participation Tracking Accuracy: Our automated tools ensure you track participation accurately, making it easy to monitor attendance and adjust programs to better suit residents’ interests.
    • 50% Faster Event Setup: Setting up events is a breeze with InTouchLink. You can quickly create and share event details, ensuring everyone is in the loop and ready to join in on the fun.


Enhancing Resident Integration and Budget Justification

Tracking attendance and participation does more than just keep you organized. It’s a game-changer for helping new residents integrate into your community and for justifying your budget to the higher-ups.



Resident Integration

Moving to a new community can be tough for residents. By tracking which activities new residents attend and how often, you can:



  • Personalize Engagement: Tailor activities to fit new residents’ interests, making them feel welcomed and more at home.


  • Spot Engagement Gaps: If a new resident isn’t participating much, you can step in early, offer extra support, or suggest activities they might enjoy.



Budget Justification and Allocation

Let’s face it—budgets can be tight, and showing where the money goes is crucial. With accurate participation data, you can:


  • Justify Expenditures: High participation rates in your reports make a strong case for continuing or increasing funding for popular programs.


  • Optimize Resources: By spotting less popular activities, you can reallocate funds to programs that residents love, making the most of every dollar.



Real-World Impact


Here’s how some communities are already benefiting from InTouchLink:


  • Greenwood Senior Living: They saw a 35% increase in resident satisfaction with activities and events. The staff loved how easy it was to be responsive to resident feedback and preferences.


“InTouchLink has transformed how we manage our activities. Our residents are happier, and our staff has more time to interact personally with them.” – Jane, Activity Director at Greenwood Senior Living


  • Heritage Gardens: This community noticed a 30% boost in staff productivity. The automated reporting tools provided clear insights into participation trends, allowing staff to tailor activities more effectively.


“The time we save with InTouchLink is incredible. We can now focus more on creating meaningful experiences for our residents.” – Mark, Coordinator at Heritage Gardens


You can’t spell “Activity” without “Act”

InTouchLink is transforming the way senior living communities operate. Our tools simplify event organization, save you precious time, and improve participation tracking accuracy. This means you can focus more on what truly matters: creating a vibrant and engaging environment for your residents.


Plus, tracking attendance and participation helps with resident integration and makes it easier to justify and allocate your budget effectively, ensuring your programs are exactly what residents want.

Ready to see the difference InTouchLink can make in your community? Let’s embrace the future of senior living together!

A Word From InTouchLink

At InTouchLink, we’re committed to supporting the resident-staff-family engagement model that brings us all together. While our platform offers innovative solutions tailored for the industry, we recognize that it may not be for everyone—and that’s perfectly okay. At the heart of it, our mission transcends our products. We aim to cultivate an environment where everyone involved in senior living can thrive, whether through our technical solutions or simply by sharing our hearts and minds to help grow this invaluable industry.

What was your favorite tip from our blog post? How are you going to embrace activity within your Senior Living Home? Let’s discuss! We’d love to swap stories and methods below! 👇

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