Staying at Home Longer with Sensor Technology

How would you feel if your smartphone or computer could immediately receive an instantaneous notification that your elderly loved one had fallen down or was in distress in their own home? Two Albertan cities are currently participating in a pilot project involving the installation of cameras and sensors in homebound seniors’ homes, providing round-the-clock support to the seniors without losing their independence.

For Grand Prairie resident Ben Krzysik, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and is confined to a wheelchair, and Parkinson’s patient Penny Landry monitoring care is necessary and an increasing regularity as they get older and their respective diseases progress. For caregivers this constant vigilance can be challenging however, the project also takes into account the impact on the caregivers. The sensors and cameras can transit an immediate message to either smartphones or emails of family members, caregivers or other approved contacts. This means that family members living far away – across the nation even- are able to be updated in “real-time” on their elder loved ones status.

Maintaining one’s independence and quality of life are key elements behind the InTouchLink software. Simple email, webcam & web browsing capability, calendar and photo album management all allow for an easy-to-use computer experience for senior users. Staying “in touch” is now the easiest thing in the world – merely a click away! Start today by going online and signing up for a free trial.