Class Act: Computers, Internet Courses for Elderly

Between the light speed pace of technology advancement and super busy grandchildren seniors, recognising the need to learn in order to stay connected with family and friends, find themselves overwhelmed and lost where computers and internet is concerned. Sure, there are online tutorials available on sites such as YouTube, but how does one get online in the first place? Furthermore, how on earth does one turn the computer on???

For many tech savvy individuals, especially the younger generation, these types of questions may seem too simple and elementary to address. However, in Tahlequah OK classes are offered and specifically tailored to the elderly with little to no experience with computers who wish to learn the basics: from merely knowing what a mouse is to typing up a letter in Microsoft Word to setting up a social media account. Classes are taught by instructors who are able to break down the information in manageable snippets, in some cases offering a more one-on-one approach. Some instructors are seniors themselves looking to help their fellow age mates develop their online chops.

InTouchLink can also be an educational resource for seniors looking to broaden their electronic horizons. Customized with the needs of the aged in mind, users can easily operate basic computer functions from email and web browsing to webcam conversations. Managing one’s social tasks is also a cinch with calendar and photo album possibilities. InTouchLink’s design also addresses the unique challenges of the older adult with enlarged icons and an uncluttered, clean appearance.

It is never too late to learn about computer technology, and InTouchLink is there to help! Sign up today for a free trial, and see just how fun and safe the “e-world” can be.