From Bea to Betty: What The Golden Girls taught us about seniors living their best lives!

Those golden girls

Check out these five strategies to create a supportive and welcoming environment for residents and their loved ones. From hosting family events to providing resources and support, involving families in care and decision-making, and keeping them informed and involved, there are many ways to build strong relationships with families. At InTouchLink, we understand the importance of family engagement in senior living, and our platform helps communities stay connected and informed.

17 Best Enterprise Solutions for Senior Living Operators

InTouchLink Enterprise Dashboard

Every senior living community operator struggles with the same day-to-day complexities. In order for site-level stakeholders and executives to get on board with certain initiatives, the organization must create a well crafted, compelling, and an easy to adopt strategy that covers all these bases: marketing/corporate brand consistency, uniform family/resident engagement, a consistent look and feel […]

9 Assisted Living Technologies You Need In Your Senior Living Community

1. Service Request and Ticketing System A sink gets clogged. A window is broken. The TV remote is not behaving. Life happens. That’s why you have a maintenance team on site. Or maybe you don’t. But naturally, someone needs to be notified and the issue needs to be resolved. So how do your residents let you know that there is […]

Activity Calendar for Seniors Citizens

Do your activities staff spend more time than they should preparing their daily or monthly event or activity calendars? Try a robust, an easy online calendar software.

Are you looking for a way to increase occupancy in your assisted living facility? Try occupancy driving solutions that are built with this concept in mind.

Do you want a fresh, modern, and efficient way to display all your activities, special events, photos, and other relevant information to your residents? Consider using an interactive online community portal.

Of course, you can also use your own custom TV channel for your community to display menus, activities, photos, birthdays, anniversaries, thoughts of the day, weather, news etc.