Go, Go Gadget! Assistive Technology for Seniors

As we zoom into yet another year in the twenty-first century while facing the inevitability of the aging population of baby boomers, technology is playing an increasing key role in senior care and health. Though assistive technology does not eliminate the need for a human caregiver, it can be a helpful tool in assisting the elderly who wish to remain living at home and forego a care facility.

2012 promises to be a year of innovation and cutting edge utility where technology is concerned. A number of exciting electronic products are available to provide convenience and safety to seniors. Opening jars, managing one’s calendar, medication reminders, taking the garbage out, heart rate/blood sugar level monitoring -even acting as a constant companion – are some of the features offered. Some robotic items are programmed with location/communication devices such as GPS and video camera, a link to which is provided to the caregiver(s) who can be notified immediately should an emergency arise or additional aide is required. With a growing number of the aging public choosing homecare, assistive technology is a practical resource for individuals to stay home longer thereby providing peace of mind –both for the individual themselves and their loved ones – and a better well-rounded quality of life.

If robotic companions are currently beyond your scope, the InTouchLink software could be the ideal solution to keeping elderly loved ones connected to their communities, their families and friends. Everyday functions such as email and web browsing are designed with an easy-to-use concept in mind. Enlarged icons and a clean layout also provide ease in navigating around the software.

The days of being a computer whiz are over! Now, seniors with little to no computer knowledge can learn and benefit from today’s technology. Sign up today for a free trial!