Mind Games: Stress Management for the Aged

For many age groups ill-managed stress is a leading factor in the development of failing health and chronic disease. While the young tend to be more resilient in coping with it, the senior population face a more challenging struggle.

The common misconception is that retirees have nothing to stress about. Though workplace stress may not be a consideration for most of the aged, other elements can contribute to threatening an elder’s mental and physical health. Seniors face a plethora of changes as they age including: decreasing physical capabilities and the ability to do daily tasks self-sufficiently, downsizing from the family home into either a smaller apartment/condo/gated community or a long-term care facility, children and grandchildren growing up and moving away.

As one gets older, it becomes more difficult to adjust to (even accept) change thus potentially causing insurmountable tension. One way experts say seniors can alleviate stress and cope with situations is practising “positive thinking”. Granted it is not easy to do however, with regular practise the ability to overcome can become habit. Try laughing out loud every day, greeting oneself each morning or even listening to music you enjoy are some of the ways to divert one’s attention from negative to positive.

And, if none of those are appealing, feel free to reach out to a friend or loved one. Simply expressing oneself to a sympathetic listening ear can do wonders in improving mood and general mental health. The InTouchLink software can be an effective tool in staying connected to one’s support system – whether it is family, friends or the immediate community. With an “easy-to-use” design, an elder user can email, surf the web, check appointments or start a webcam conversation by merely the click of the mouse!

Positive thinking is a fantastic way for the elderly to achieve self-empowerment and overall good health. With the right tools available, keeping “in touch” can be truly a lifesaver. Sign up today for a free trial and experience firsthand how simple it is!