Something Your Wallet Can Smile About

When Charlottetown PEI couple Bob and Donna DesRoches received their 2012 tax notice, they never imagined that they would be facing a raise more than what their pensioned income could afford. With the cost of owning a home ever on the rise, elderly homeowners especially are having to tighten their already-tight financial belts.

For many seniors who wish to remain in their homes as long as possible, the cost of homeownership is coming at odds  – and in the Desroches’ case, surpassing – the limited budgets defined by their pensions. Instead of basing taxation on the consumer price index, the DesRoches are supporting a freeze tax for seniors – something the provincial government is reluctant to pursue. Currently, should elders find themselves in a position unable to pay their taxes their only option, according to PEI Finance Minister Wes Sheridan, is to seek deferral of payments – which would be in effect until the sale of the house.

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