Staying Engaged: Recreational Therapy for the Elderly

Countless senior Canadians across the country live under-stimulated, isolated lives in their homes. As a result, their families watch in hopelessness and despair as their elder loved ones deteriorate. Yet, hope is on the horizon. In Alberta, services such as Ray of Sunshine bring recreational therapy into seniors’ homes and empower them to lead active, engaged lifestyles.

How does one accomplish healthy changes and recuperate from events such as strokes and infirmity? For seniors who especially wish to remain at home rather than move into a long-term care facility, the answer lies in providing recreational therapy in the comfort of one’s own surroundings. Ray of Sunshine therapist Marla Kurtz uses engagement techniques specifically tailored to the interests and aptitudes of each client. For example; 90 year old former custom home builder Nathan Goldman is one of her clients. Before working with Ms. Kurtz, he was quick to irritation, did not complete tasks and his family worried that his mental acuity was deteriorating. After a personal prescription of jigsaw puzzles, word searches and chair fitness, Mr. Goldman has a more positive, optimistic disposition and an improved physical range of motion.

Studies continually show that when the elderly maintain an active lifestyle even into old age aging can significantly slow down along with mental decline.  With the easy-to-use design of the InTouchLink software, elder users can benefit from current day technology to stay connected with family and friends. Email, web surfing and calendar management are some of the tools available to help an elderly loved one maintain the living standard of activity needed for overall health.

The road to optimum health can be a long, hard road for seniors however, with practise and sound guidance from trained and dedicated professionals like Ms. Kurtz that goal can be attained quicker than expected. Let InTouchLink help you find your way to fitness and be actively involved to your community – sign up today for a free trial!