Features & Benefits


Constant engagement with your residents via dedicated, 24×7, building-wide TV Channel with easily managed activities, menus, photos together with weather, news and advertising. Keep your families in the loop with your own ‘social media’.

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Operational Efficiencies

Save staff time by eliminating time consuming duplication of tasks. Service requests created and tracked in a central dashboard.

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Staff Education

Online learning platform enabling delivery of videos, images, presentations, documents, recorded lessons, policies etc. to all staff members. Improve compliance and care delivery in your home.

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Resident Satisfaction

Ongoing surveys for resident and families provide instant feedback via kiosks and online. Improve connection between your staff and clients.

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Simplified Technology

A simple, intuitive interface encourages seniors to easily use email, the internet and Skype to communicate with family and increase their independence.

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Marketing Advantage

Create a WOW! as residents and families walk through your building. Increase community spirit and attendance at events.

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